Tag: <span>Mike Pyatt</span>

Tag: Mike Pyatt

Profundity of Words Over Deeds

As one who advocates for the wordsmith and defends the majesty of language and eloquence of words, this columnist is also mindful that our human race talks incessantly. It’s nothing new. Whether it’s in the political arena, or in other realms of one’s life, too few rarely take a step …


These Are The Good Old Days

Those of a particular generation are well known for reflecting in the rear view mirror of yesterday. Most roiling to younger generations is the hackneyed phrase, “Those were the good ole days!” Rear view mirrors serve a purpose. However, one’s obligated to spend more time looking though the windshield to …


Patriot’s Passion Unleashed

Whether it’s Minneapolis or Charlottesville, rogue school boards, feckless legislatures, or city councils removing statues that offend them, the consequences are predictable. A loss of our liberties and an erosion of those permanent things that leave us often voiceless, frustrated, but ready to fight back. Enough is enough. But where …


An Existential Catastrophe

It’s a gross understatement that few literary works evoke such vitriolic reaction to a fictional character as existentialist Albert Camus’ 1956 book, ”The Fall.” One college student reportedly reacted, “I would like to punch Camus’ absurd hero, Jean-Baptiste Clamence in the face.” Camus, as with Sartre, had no sufficient reference …

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