Tax and More Tax

Tax and More Tax

As if the state taxing us more for our gasoline, Natrona County wants to continue their pork barrel projects by continuing the 1% Sales Tax. And these politicians will claim all of your hard earned tax money goes for great causes. Really? The simple truth is by adding the 1% sales tax just frees up an equal amount of money in the general fund so the politicians can spend even more of your money. Think about this for a moment, how did Natrona County survive before this tax? The citizens did just fine!

Another aspect of the 1% sales tax is when any government body has extra money what do they do? Spend it! Why? Because if they don’t spend the money they are afraid the slush fund will disappear. Hence, why they want the slush fund to continue.

Wouldn’t be in the best interest of all if the politicians would learn to prioritize spending and stay within their means instead of pushing for more taxes so they can continue to spend more and more money for items we can live without? Ask yourself, do you stay within your means? Do you continue to spend more and more money and then ask for handouts so you can continue to spend even more? It’s time these politicians have their slush fund spigot shut off and force them to stop the insanity.

Vote No on the 1% Sales Tax.

For more information visit Stop The 1

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