Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013

Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013

“… Sen. John McCain, however, who seems to feel it’s the duty of the federal government to ensure your local cable and satellite providers don’t bundle channels you watch with channels you avoid. On May 9, Sen. McCain introduced the ‘Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013’ (S.912), which would require multichannel video programming distributors to offer individual television channels on an ‘a la carte’ basis.”

~ Wyoming Liberty Group     Read the full article here.

Editor’s Note:

Leave it to McCain to come up with yet another Liberty killing Socialist bill.

I have yet to see a cable system that did not have a user’s “favorite” feature that allows the user to ignore the channels he does not want to watch. In fact, it works so well I don’t have to watch McCain make a fool of himself.

McCain has such a great track record. The McCain-Feingold bill that takes your Liberty to speak and use the fruits of your labor. And now he wants to strip you of even more Liberty by dictating what you can hear and see. It’s like the three monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Now it is apparent who the monkey is demonstrating the evil.


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