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Born For Such A Time As This

Nationwide, there’s a lot on the line in 2022 mid-term elections. 435 House races are at stake. The Dems hold a 220-212 majority. GOP’s hopeful of a “Red Wave” to change that ratio. There are 36 gubernatorial seats up for grabs. Dems are facing stiff opposition in key states like …


Got The Blues Or Worse?

The Carpenter’s 1971 “Rainy Days & Mondays,” lyrical verses remind us of such feelings, “Hangin’ around with nothing to do but frown, Rainy days and Mondays always get me down, What I’ve got they use to call the blues, Nothin’ is really wrong, feelin’ like I don’t belong..” At times …


What Will Our Epitaph Be?

Someone once wrote, “God alone writes our epitaph!” As Sovereign, He surely could. With some familiarity with Scripture, it appears He permits us a measure of input in the final script. Consider Noah’s, “Noah did all that his Lord commanded him.” Or Elijah, “did all things according to God’s word.” …

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