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Impeachment Essay

Below is a pertinent essay regarding the impeachment trial and why it should be of concern for every American. I didn’t write the passage below, but I believe it addresses very serious issues and implications concerning the Impeachment of Donald Trump. “For those of you who are not as legal …


Liberty’s Fragility

One may inquire, “How can any concept as mighty and forceful for a millennia be so fragile and susceptible to mischief, trifling and assault?” Millions have sacrificed and died for the cause of liberty. “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Patrick Henry cried out before the Second Virginia Convention …


Will Liberty’s Voice Prevail?

One can detect numerous fault lines in our nation’s bedrock core disciplines; educational, legal, medical, political, moral, economic and technological. This imported pandemic from Wuhan, exposed multiple chinks in our national armor. Once President Trump left office, the strongest economy in recent history, raised the boats of nearly every segment …


Biological Chicanery

President Biden signed forty executive orders his first ten days. One of the more troubling was his reversal of Trump’s Transgender Military Ban, with Biden remarking he believes,“that gender identity should not be a bar to military service.” President Tump imposed the ban in 2018, which stated, “transgender persons with …

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