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Wyoming Executive Leader Mark Gordon and Wyoming Chief Justice Kate Fox Take Flame Thrower to State Constitution

Last Tuesday (April 18), at the Governor’s Spring 2023 Mental Health Summit in Casper, a “Three Branch Partnership” was announced via Gordon’s Mental Health Initiative.  This initiative is strategically formulating a plan to turn Wyoming courts into mental health treatment hubs, and Wyoming judges into social workers that write policy. …


An Open Letter to Wyoming House Speaker Sommers

An Open Letter to Wyoming House Speaker Sommers, April 7, 2023 Dear Speaker Sommers, Karlee Provenza presents a clear danger to the state of Wyoming. Regardless of decisions on any disciplinary actions which might be taken by you as Speaker of the House, or by the legislative leadership in the …


Redeeming Our Time Wisely

It is said, time is constant-by the second. Is that true? What about when one is in the dentist’s chair waiting to remove those abscessed teeth? Or in the delivery room, time seems to slow to a crawl. From childhood, nearly every mortal is encouraged, even cajoled or coerced, with …

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