The Republic, What is it?

The Republic, What is it?

One of the most important (if not the single most important) things to make people aware of when dealing with restoring the Republic is the understanding that the Republic is not a place or a time. It is the nation that enforces the Constitution for the United States of America.

  • On the junk heap of history we find governments, not nations.
  • Nazi Germany is gone. Germany is not.
  • Imperial Japan is gone. Japan is still there.
  • Mesopotamia is gone but Iraq and Iran are still there.

The thing we call “The Republic” is not dirt and rocks and mountain. It is not the people who founded it. (They are all dead now)  It is not the people alive now. They will be gone in a few years. The Republic is a body-politic of people who ENFORCE the Constitution.

So to do that we must ask the single most important question, which is simply this;
What does an amendment do?

Well……….it amends!

That means it abolishes or modifies the subject matter of the law that was law before it was amended. The 6 articles of the Constitution were ratified in 1789. The Bill of Rights (first 10 AMENDMENTS) are all one body of law and that body of law was ratified in 1791.

Again….what do amendments do?
They amend!

So let’s go back and see if we can find anything in the first 6 articles of the Constitution that were abolished or modified.

Article one dealt with the legislative branch of government. It lays down the process of how senators and congressmen are elected, terms of office, their powers, responsibilities and duties.

Article two deals with the office of President, who is qualified, how he should be elected, and what his powers and duties are.

Article three deals with the offices of the judicial powers and courts, who can be judges and what their powers and responsibilities are, as well as their terms in office.

Article four deals with States and the citizens and persons of States. It requires certain delineated protection of all persons in all States at all times.

Article five deals with the amendment process.

Article six deals with contracts that were in force before the ratification date, treaties, and the fact that the oath of office is binding upon elected and appointed officials by the force and effect of law. It also contains the darling of the current corrupt federal government and all lower branches of government that support the power grab which the feds love so much. Known as the “supremacy clause.

Article seven affirms that the new (in 1789) Constitution is now the Supreme Law and is totally binding on all states entering into the Union.

So lets review.

Amendments amend! The first 7 articles are one body of law. They were ratified in 1789. The Bill of Rights are the first 10 amendments. They were ratified in 1791. 1789 is before 1791!

The Bill of Rights amended what?

They amended the previous Constitution, specifically the “supremacy clause”.  We the People said that we had to have a Bill of Rights to forcefully inform the federal government officials that We the People are supreme, not them.

So when these traitors try to tell you the Federal Government can override the laws of the states you need to know they are lying to you.

See ALL of the Bill of Rights for the reply, but be very aware of the 9th and 10th amendments.

They AMENDED the powers both delineated and imagined by ALL federal officials then, now, and forever.

That is beyond argument by anyone that will simply take the twenty minutes required to read the entire US Constitution from “We the People” to the last word of the Bill of Rights.

And that dear reader is why the government has taken control of the schools.

So they can do all they can to keep the people from knowing the truth I just sent to you.

~ S. Zihn

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