Keep your eyes on the 2014 Wyoming Budget Session! I just had a call from Cheyenne. Inside sources report, legislators who were involved in crafting and sponsoring SF104 are conspiring to draft another bill like it for 2014. The Cheyenne cronies club wants Cindy Hill out. They want to continue with the Common Core Standards. Passing SF104 was one of the worst strikes against liberty in Wyoming’s history. The Wyoming Supreme Court overturned SF104 to reinstate the office for Superintendent of Public Instruction because it was unconstitutional and didn’t sit well with some. Clearly the Governor and some legislators are hell bent on continuing this charade! If another bill is introduced we need to march on Cheyenne!!!!! Sources also said, Matt Mead and specific legislators are preparing another attack in case the appeal to rehear the Wyoming Supreme Court decision of SF104 is denied. By passing a new bill it will need to be challenged in court again. This will cost Cindy Hill to pay her attorneys again to challenge it.

Remember this is the good ole boys and girls and they are furious about the Wyoming Supreme Court decision to reinstate Cindy Hill as our State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Objections from constituents about SF104 at the 2013 legislative session was least 50 to 1. The very same people who crafted, sponsored and voted for SF104 are still in their elected high horse seats. We also need to keep in mind that Matt Mead has just appointed 2 NEW judges to the Wyoming Supreme Court. It seems DC and Cheyenne are sharing the same attitudes…. Screw the people!

~ J. McCarty

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