Who Can You Trust?

Who Can You Trust?

There’s a new website in town – “307 Votes”. It rates our Wyoming legislators based on Representation, Competence, and Integrity. And is packed full of research information.

This is a must see site, especially if you are interested in what your lawmakers have been up to. Like, how they voted on some of the more important bills, and if they even showed up to cast a vote. And what about their conflict of interests? Yep, it has that too.

The site has easy menus to help you hone in on their trust levels, counties they represent, party affiliation, and senator or representative.

From the site, “307 Votes endeavors to bring you a simple, yet accurate, method of rating Wyoming legislators to aide you in determining who you can trust, and, therefore, who deserves your vote. Legislator rankings consist of three trust levels; High, Limited, and Low.”

A list of sources is also provided to help the reader with their research. There will many legislators up for reelection next year, so dear reader, be sure to do your due diligence.

Website name: 307 Votes
Website link: https://307votes.com/


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