Why I Support Chuck Gray

Why I Support Chuck Gray

By Michelle SabroskyMichelleSabrosky

Honesty and integrity are important to me, and that is why I happily support Chuck Gray in Wyoming’s House District 57 Republican primary.

Chuck is about as honest and forthcoming as a man can get, and his commitment to accountability has certainly caused some tsunami sized waves within the Natrona County, and Wyoming Republican Parties.  Sadly, it seems to many Republican Party insiders that “accountability” is a four letter word…

But Chuck has steadfastly stood his ground, defending his principles, the principles that the Republican Party is supposed to stand for, principles that voters assume are being held up by Republican Party leadership, and those elected under the Republican brand.

Evidence that Chuck has ruffled feathers within the Republican Party lies with in the House District 57 Republican Primary itself, Chuck’s opponent, Ray Pacheco, was not only recruited by House District 57’s current (retiring) Representative (and party favorite) Tom Lockhart, but this recruit, was a registered Democrat his entire adult life (over 20 years) until two years ago…

…And as if that weren’t bad enough, because he has had a lifelong goal of being a politician, he was a politically active Democrat for much of his adult life.

Oh, yeah… Mr. Pacheco was apparently on the Affirmative Action sub-committee on the 2012 Wyoming Delegate Selection Committee for the Democrat National Convention…

…All delegates would have been Obama delegates in 2012… Can anyone that served on that committee and subcommittee really represent any Republican let alone true Wyoming values?

Ray is quick to brag about growing up Wyoming, but what I want to know is how he can be so out of touch…

Wyoming is called the Equality State, that means equal opportunity, Affirmative action takes the intent behind the nickname and morphs it into something right out of Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

Wyomingites are not afraid of hard work and getting where they need to be on their own merits, they don’t need to be placated to because of their skin color, ethnicity, gender, disability, etc…  No matter how you slice it, Affirmative Action is a form of racism, sexism, and even ability-ism.

By disqualifying the most qualified person because he happens to be a healthy, able-bodied, “disability” free, full blooded, white American Male is disgusting! If you want to be a delegate, be the best choice because of your political beliefs, if you want the job, be the best, if you want the scholarship, be the best. Regardless of your abilities, disabilities, gender, race, ethnicity, etc…

In a reply to a visitor post on his campaign Facebook page, Ray claims his work on the Affirmative Action Subcommittee (of the Wyoming Democrat Party’s Delegate Selection Committee) in 2012 was to assure to bring a “traditional and conservative voice” (on a progressive agenda driven subcommittee) :

I sat on a committee in 2012 that oversaw a selection of people chosen to be Wyoming delegates for the Democratic National convention – this in no way had anything to do with voting or supporting Obama, rather the committee assured that it was a fair process when selecting delegates – frankly I was there in hopes to bring a more traditional and conservative voice.”

Honestly, how stupid does Ray think the voters are?

Let’s contrast what I said about Ray with what we know about Chuck Gray…

Chuck is not only a lifelong Republican a man who holds honesty, integrity, accountability, and accessibility in the highest regard, he holds dear the Republican principles that seem to have been forgotten, not only in Wyoming, but nationally as well. Life, Liberty, limited government, substantially fewer taxes, gun rights, etc.…

Chuck has even defended Republican principles within the Republican Party.  Honestly, that should bother you that a Republican would have to defend true Republican principles to the representative body of the Republican Party.  

If you think about it, you begin to realize that the Republican Party allowing Democrat switch overs to be involved with the Party, and getting behind them when they run for office (that is, if they win the primary election of course…[insert-your-own-conspiracy-here]) is the reason why real Republican principles are being swept under the rug, allowing liberal ideology to creep into the Party.

Republican leadership has failed, but there are men like Chuck running for the open seats in Wyoming, and with the few incumbents we have that understand what true Republican principles and values are, will fight to turn the ship around.  This is why it is important that you are fully informed before voting on (or before) August 16th.

No matter where you live in Wyoming, each legislative race matters, because the person elected in each district doesn’t just represent their district, their cumulative votes, will impact all of us one way or another. Don’t you think we have enough electeds in and representing Wyoming that are really Donkeys parading around in Elephant Costumes?

If you can’t vote for Chuck, at least support him and encourage your Wyoming family and friends to do the same. And make sure you are fully informed about the candidates in your House and Senate Districts (not all Senate Districts are up for reelection this time, this year (2016) only the even numbered senate districts have elections), as well as your County Commissioners, School Board Members, City or Town Council.

Ray Pacheco shows how low some people will stoop to get elected, they will pretend to be someone they are not.

Chuck has proven himself to be the real deal. He says what he means, and means what he says. He has never given me a reason to distrust him, and I don’t trust people too easily.

Let this be the year Wyoming literally cleans House, let’s get rid of Republican incumbents that should have been honest with voters and ran as Democrats in the first place, and let’s make sure Democrats running as Republicans aren’t replacing them.

If you can vote for Chuck, make sure you do, trust me, you and your wallet will appreciate what he has to offer. If you are not in Chuck’s district, make sure you let him know you support him, and encourage others to do the same.

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