Without CO2 Life on Our Planet Would Cease to Exist

Without CO2 Life on Our Planet Would Cease to Exist

Here is a good article about the so called Climate Change and Global Warming alarmists. The very idea of insisting that man is the problem in regard to carbon dioxide is not only insane, but tragically a telling story of how low our public education has fallen. I remember 40 years ago while attending public high school science was taught, not the touchy feel good offend no one crap like today. If American children were taught real science, the climate change hoax would have never gotten any traction and its public debate would have been dead on arrival.

Read the article by Dr. Patrick Moore (link below), you will find it enlightening and you may think ironic considering he was the founder of Greenpeace. “Patrick Moore, chair and spokesman for Allow Golden Rice, discusses why he founded and ultimately left Greenpeace and how environmentalists are betraying the planet they claim to care about.”

Anyone who understands photosynthesis knows that carbon dioxide is needed to produce oxygen, the very substance we need to survive. And yes, photosynthesis was taught in high school 40 years ago. It begs the question why American students are so quick to accept global warming and climate change hoax without any scientific bases. Yet we have politicians right here in Wyoming who want to implement Common Core State Standards or the so called new science standards that suggest that man is responsible for killing our planet. And what are these politicians’ motivation? Certainly not education! But if you follow the money, that’s is, federal subsidies, that come with strings attached, you may find the answer.

Isn’t it time Wyomingites demand science over federal subsidies?

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