Wyoming and Refugees

Wyoming and Refugees

If you recall, in response to the citizen push-back that WY Governor Mead received from his Sept 2013 letter to the US Office of Refugee Resettlement, Mead expressed his concerns about potential racism, and said he had called upon the WY Humanities Council “to consider ways to talk about refugees and encourage thoughtful – not hurtful – discussion” (July 1, 2015 MMead audio here, (CST Editorial here, KGWN Article here).

Since that time (June/July 2015), the announcements or notices for these discussions hosted by the WY Humanities Council have been scant at best.  Running online searches, the only significant findings are listed below:

Among the speakers for both those events was University of Wyoming Dr. Seth Ward who teaches the UW Program in Religious Studies  Online, at his own website he has taken the time to post some of his presentation materials, Introduction to Islam for the Equality State – Cheyenne, WY (posted Feb 12, 2014) and Women and the Islamic State (28 minute video posted Sept 7, 2015).  A link at Dr. Ward’s UW page (Available Educational Movies, PodCasts, YouTubes, etc.) offers many more of his power points, videos etc.

Aside from those items mentioned above, there are no other obvious announcements for discussions on refugees or Islam by the Wyoming Humanities Council at their website nor at their Facebook page.

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