Wyoming RINOs Continue Mocking State Constitution And Law

Wyoming RINOs Continue Mocking State Constitution And Law

“… assaults on the American ideal are neither confined to Washington nor to the Democrat Party. In Wyoming, a festering governmental atrocity spawned in the early days of last year’s legislative session proceeds on its sordid course. Despite vehement protests from the Wyoming people, certain arrogant and detached legislators continue to violate the spirit of the Wyoming Constitution and prove that they do not consider themselves accountable to the law, but believe they can remake it on the fly as they see fit. If their despicable actions are allowed to go unchecked, they will have indeed established themselves as an elite ‘ruling class.’”

Read the full article HERE. http://www.thebrennerbrief.com/2014/01/03/wyoming-rinos-continue-mocking-state-constitution-and-law/

~ from: The Brenner Brief, thebrennerbrief.com


And who voted for Senate File 104 (AKA: SF-104) that started all of this? You can find the answer here.

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