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SF-104 and CCSS

Common Core Standards (aka: Common Core State Standards, CCSS)

By now many know what CCSS is, and wonder why our Wyoming legislators and the governor insisted on ramming SF-104 through faster than a speeding bullet. CCSS is nothing more than a Socialist’s education dream come true (some even go so far as to call it the Communist’s dream).

SF-104 was needed to get the Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) out of the way. Why? Simple, because the current SPI focuses on our children’s best interests, rather than holding out a leech’s hand asking (or begging) the federal government for more money like many of our state legislators and the governor. The SPI duties have been gutted that the position is of mere appearance for the sheeple’s consumption. The SPI can no longer be in a position to vote for what’s best for our children. These duties have been turned over to the governor’s hand-picked Education Czar, referred to as a Director. And one of the first responsibilities that governor Mead requested was to go to Washington D.C. and ask for a waiver, which is the pathway for CCSS. read more


Matt Mead’s Education Czar

“In a nutshell — SF-104 — removed an elected official during midterm and created a new appointed position. This has a striking resemblance to Obama’s record appointment of agency Czars.” …

“The reason this national education standard is feared by so many across the country is the fact that once fully implemented the states will take their education marching orders from the un-elected bureaucrats in Washington.

And this:

Bill gates an admitted progressive-liberal stated publicly the following about the common core standards, “that once the testing is in place, the curriculum will follow.” read more


Stop Common Core Standards

Stop Common Core

Myths Versus Facts

Common Core (CC) was a state-led initiative.

The CC standards were initiated by private interests in Washington, DC, without any representation from the states. Eventually the creators realized the need to present a façade of state involvement and therefore enlisted the National Governors Association (NGA) (a trade association that doesn’t include all governors) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), another DC-based trade association. Neither of these groups had a grant of authority from any particular state or states to write the standards. The bulk of the creative work was done by Achieve, Inc., a DC-based nonprofit that includes many progressive education reformers who have been advocating national standards and curriculum for decades. Massive funding for all this came from private interests such as the Gates Foundation. read more

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