Vigilant Voting

by Mike Pyatt 

Mike Pyatt

Thank God or those who bravely gave their all for us. Although the solemnity and majesty of Memorial Day is barely in our rear view mirror, and, sadly, this sentiment is ephemeral for too many Americans, who thought it was only a day off work. Worse for those who gave it no thought at all. We’ve unceremoniously shifted from the majestic to the mundane-relatively speaking-back to politicking in Wyoming. It’s nearly impossible to ignore the countless campaign yard signs dotting Natrona County’s landscape. Ignoring politics isn’t life threatening, but the cost may haunt us for years, if we dismiss our duty to assiduously examine campaigner’s claims. We’re admonished to be certain in our convictions before firmly planting our feet. Christians, Leftist, liberal, agnostic and atheist all understand that admonition that permits us to safely navigate the political, philosophical, social and theological waterfront. Wyoming’s uniquely positioned to shape its destiny. However, Evangelicals and co-belligerents insist not without God’s Hand to guide us. They understand the interplay of such exchanges, and the battle for whose values and principles will persist for decades. read more

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