Vigilant Voting

Vigilant Voting

by Mike Pyatt 

Mike Pyatt

Thank God or those who bravely gave their all for us. Although the solemnity and majesty of Memorial Day is barely in our rear view mirror, and, sadly, this sentiment is ephemeral for too many Americans, who thought it was only a day off work. Worse for those who gave it no thought at all. We’ve unceremoniously shifted from the majestic to the mundane-relatively speaking-back to politicking in Wyoming. It’s nearly impossible to ignore the countless campaign yard signs dotting Natrona County’s landscape. Ignoring politics isn’t life threatening, but the cost may haunt us for years, if we dismiss our duty to assiduously examine campaigner’s claims. We’re admonished to be certain in our convictions before firmly planting our feet. Christians, Leftist, liberal, agnostic and atheist all understand that admonition that permits us to safely navigate the political, philosophical, social and theological waterfront. Wyoming’s uniquely positioned to shape its destiny. However, Evangelicals and co-belligerents insist not without God’s Hand to guide us. They understand the interplay of such exchanges, and the battle for whose values and principles will persist for decades.

Where one stands on a host of issues will influence one’s home front, neighborhood, town, and beyond. Sadly, too many won’t look beyond their kitchen window. And why a majority repeat an old bromide, “Politic’s dirty and doesn’t effect me!” That world never existed. For anyone serious about influencing one’s culture, one must take a closer look at such misinformed, self serving thoughts. One needn’t reenact the 1781, Siege of Yorktown stand against General Cornwallis, to validate one’s liberty mindedness. It’s much simpler. Be engaged in the political process. Contrary to popular opinion, apathy isn’t a gift.

Apathy has crept into the theological domain. Many churches foster a “retreat mentality,” ignoring the Biblical mandate to share the Gospel, and influence our world. Many avoid soiling their hands in this non-antiseptic world. They’ve become insular, preaching only themselves in their hermetically sealed existence. Jesus challenged us to distinguish what belongs to Him or what’s Caesar’s? Few have to fear martyrdom, or choosing to burn incense to Caesar. The Christian’s calling is always to be a citizen of another kingdom, yet to live uneasily, though wisely, in this present kingdom. The Bible doesn’t mention SOGI* specifically-but foreshadows the day of a formerly barbaric behavior stealing in among us. With indefatigable resistance from the Wyoming Pastor’s Network, the disastrous SF 115, was defeated in 2015. Its advocates have vowed not to rest. A group of Evangelicals and co-belligerents vociferously opposed an equally flawed SOGI resolution, that was ultimately passed by the Casper City Council earlier this year. This issue’s like herpes: Just when you think it’s gone, it shows up again.

One must be a jealous sentinel, patrolling the minefields of this domain, that grows increasingly more unrecognizable, socially, culturally and morally from yesteryear. When one is surrounded by a cacophony of dissenting voices, one must remain indefatigable, and unswerving in resolve, ignoring nefarious political nuance, getting to the core of each political candidate’s True North. Talk of the transmission of culture has renewed interest today. SOGI advocates are unrelenting in their effort to persuade politicians and legislators, to push vague and overly broad laws and ordinances to further impinge and undermine our individual liberty and religious freedom, under the guise of pseudo “equality and tolerance.” They’ll actively court a Wyoming governor who’ll consider their plan to march roughshod over Biblical values, and longstanding constitutional principles.

We mustn’t fall for the camouflage worn by some public figures, and politicians. Which governor candidate hasn’t claimed the mantle of being “pro-family?” Any hint of where they stand? KGAB radio recently posted, “Galeotos said Wyoming should welcome prospective employees regardless of their sexual orientation.” Was that an invitation to Wyoming’s crouching SOGI crowd? Would this explain why Sam Galeotos picked Bonnie Foster, as his GOP flag bearer in Natrona County, on his two recent campaign swings to Casper? Foster’s on record opposing the Natrona County GOP’s resolution opposing SOGI, one that was easily passed by the Wyoming State GOP in 2018. Was he testing the public’s mood? Has he listened to Al Simpson? In a 2014, interview with WyoFile, Simpson commented, “I don’t know why anyone should be less a human being than I am. It just means gay and lesbian people can be just as happy in their marriage as I am in mine.” He concluded with, “More power to them.” What’s that bromide about “birds of a feather flock together?” Everyone knows what birds in flight do best.

It’s imperative to take a stand, clarifying in language and deeds, declaring what one will stand for, in support of virtue and decency, and what one vigorously opposes. One serious about such matters hasn’t the luxury of fighting on a single front, or only at election cycles. However, it’s not a bad time to begin. Don’t be co-opted by a “third hand account.” August is fast approaching. Your vote is your voice. Don’t be quiescent.

Any corrupt doctrine, policy, principle, or philosophy is irredeemable, despite it’s longevity, how many extol its virtue, or how many voted in favor of it. Moral squalor is no accident. A certain remedy to assuage venality is strong character and incorruptible personal integrity. This primary, as always, requires unwavering convictions, standing with likeminded, those valiant for truth and liberty. Evil, injustice, corruption, apathy, and procrastination take no breaks. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident.His email’s

* Editor’s Note: SOGI = Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

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