11 Things the Media Refuses to Report About Amtrak

11 Things the Media Refuses to Report About Amtrak

“In a disgusting new low from a town that constantly redefines “low,” the Obama administration is blaming the GOP for refusing to increase Amtrak’s funding after the deadly crash Tuesday night. The government is so desperate to increase Amtrak’s funding that it is willing to use the fresh corpses of innocent Americans to push for funding for a system that is broken beyond repair.” …

“Since the media is now positively drooling over the chance to blame Republicans for this tragedy, here are 11 things about the Amtrak crash that are practically guaranteed not to make it on CNN.”

1. The Federal Government Owns and Operates Amtrak
2. Amtrak Loses Hundreds of Millions of Dollars a Year
3. American Taxpayers Subsidize a Service They Don’t Use
4. A Very Small Percentage of the Population Use a Government Service We All Pay For
5. Amtrak Has Already Been Subsidized to the Tune of a Whopping $45 billion
6. Amtrak Is Set to Receive Another $7 Billion Over the Next 5 years
7. Amtrak Is Not Underfunded; It Is Criminally Mismanaged
8. American People Subsidize $60 of Every Amtrak Ticket Sold
9. Taxpayers Subsidize Passengers Who Can Afford to Make Amtrak Profitable
10. There Is No Good Reason for The Government To Own Amtrak
11. The Amtrak Derailment Might Be Yet Another Failure of the Federal Government

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