Month: <span>May 2013</span>

Month: May 2013

Matt Mead’s Education Czar

“In a nutshell — SF-104 — removed an elected official during midterm and created a new appointed position. This has a striking resemblance to Obama’s record appointment of agency Czars.” … “The reason this national education standard is feared by so many across the country is the fact that once …


Stop Common Core Standards

Stop Common Core Myths Versus Facts Myth Common Core (CC) was a state-led initiative. Fact The CC standards were initiated by private interests in Washington, DC, without any representation from the states. Eventually the creators realized the need to present a façade of state involvement and therefore enlisted the National …



“The mainstream media, once tasked with the job of investigating government corruption and keeping elitists in line, has now become nothing more than a public relations firm for corrupt officials and their Globalist handlers. The days of the legitimate “investigative reporter” are long gone (if they ever existed at all), …

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