Month: <span>December 2016</span>

Month: December 2016

Are Celebrities With The Force?

by Mike Pyatt Surprised at the endless fawning over the recent passing of notable celebrities? Notwithstanding their star status, should one be surprised that they die? Carrie Fisher at age 60 and George Michael at 53. British pop star Michael reportedly died of heart failure. His acknowledged drug abuse may …


What To Expect From The Land of Czars

by Mike Pyatt “From Russia With Love,“ was a 1963, James Bond movie. Don’t expect any. Strained Russia and U.S. relations are nothing new. Dominating the media is President-elect Trump’s manufactured link with Vladimir Putin, as “Putin’s Puppet.” This conflagration of Russian cyber hacks purportedly threaten our national security. History …


Where Does Christmas Go?

by Mike Pyatt Recent Pew Research poll indicates over 90 % of the adult population celebrate Christmas. A majority polled still believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ. Pagans must be in short supply. Our Christmas range of celebration is extreme and complex in America. Hardly monolithic. Some choose …

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