Month: <span>April 2018</span>

Month: April 2018

A Foggy World Needs Lighthouses

by Mike Pyatt A Northeast newspaper editor, in1941, characterized Presidents Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln as “lighthouses in a foggy world.” Most Americans agree with that editor’s veneration. For those who genuinely love liberty, it’s more than symbolism. That trio stood as beacons in the midst of tumultuous, turbulent times. Few …


Coming To Grips With Choices

by Mike Pyatt Not easy ones like which movie to watch or flavor of ice cream. Strawberry or Pralines n’ Cream? But those that have substantial, long-term existential sway. The switch to E-trade seemed logical at the time. Which memory care for Mom? It’s those choices that interrupt our sleep, …


A Woeful Eulogy

by Mike Pyatt Feet propped upon the desk. Time for reflection. A brief respite from the rigors of life. Is it a way of life? A calling? Or less? Nineteenth Century French romanticist poet, and novelist, Victor Hugo, who wrote Les Miserables, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, wrote, “To …

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