Month: <span>November 2018</span>

Month: November 2018

Avoiding Shadow Boxing

by Mike Pyatt For those who’ve embraced Marconi’s gift, that later ushered in commercial radio, one of the most memorable early radio programs, in its’ heyday, was The Shadow Knows, a drama that began as a pulp magazine series, then graduated to radio in the late 1930’s. The principle character …


Navigating the Fog

by Mike Pyatt In 1941, a Northeastern newspaper editor characterized Presidents Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln as “lighthouses in a foggy world.” It’s more than symbolism. Should we be shocked when our “moral light” has been extinguished in most of our public and private institutions of learning, inflicting relativism upon generations …


Mother Teresa or Dirty Harry?

by Mike Pyatt With the Midterms in the rear view mirror, the clamor from the mainstream media and political pundits are focused on whether civility will ever return. Is it only a hollow noun? It’s explicit that the blame rests solely on President Trump’s shoulders. With the House in the …

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