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Arizona Republicans gladly bid adios to Rich Crandall

Arizona Republicans gladly bid adios to Rich Crandall

“The Casper Star-Tribune reports that Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead has selected Rich Crandall “recognized as a moderate Republican force in the Arizona Senate,” to run the state Education Department. …”

“Aside from Crandall’s lackadaisical work ethic — during his term in the AZ House, he missed 254 out of 382 floor votes in the 2009 regular session – the phantom legislator is deceptively lacking in commitment to his constituents and his job. …”

“Crandall was also one of the first RINOs to join with the unified Democrats in supporting OBrewerCare, the costly and unsustainable Medicaid expansion. …”

Why would any Conservative ever appoint a RINO to lead our state’s education, unless of course, the governor is a RINO himself!

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