Corruption In Wyoming government: sealing the deal

Corruption In Wyoming government: sealing the deal

“From the moment Wyoming House Speaker Tom Lubnau (R-Gillette) began orating at the State Republican Central Committee meeting in Casper July 27, he validated every suspicion of his conservative and pro-constitution critics. …”

“Lubnau began with the wholly predictable drivel about regretting the position in which he finds himself, as leader of the effort to drum Hill out of office on any spurious grounds that can be contrived against her. One could almost see those Clintonian crocodile tears in his delivery. Yet with every subsequent sentence, he proved beyond any doubt that he is a key player in a shameless and likely criminal effort to concoct a case against Hill, for the sole purpose of preventing her from running for governor next year. …”

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From the Uinta County Herald

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