At the WFC 2014

At the WFC 2014

At the Wyoming Freedom Conference 2014

Two speakers at the Wyoming Freedom Conference, Taylor Haynes and spokesman for Cindy Hill. A difference in style of addressing the audience. In my opinion, Taylor was thoughtful and addressed all the questions posed. He did not bash or bad-mouth any other candidate. Ku-dos for Taylor. Cindy’s spokesman addressed questions from the audience, however, for his initial presentation he continued to bash Matt Mead. Ok, he is certainly free to do so, yet this writer’s opinion, it lacks style or grace.

Should be without saying, everybody attending the Wyoming Freedom Conference, emphasis on “Freedom”, is for freedom, thus seeking someone to replace our current governor. Thus I see no need to bash other candidates or incumbents. Why would any candidate feel the need to tear down an opponent rather than stand on his/her own merits? This will be an important year to choose a candidate for the Wyoming GOP primary – choose well!

On another note, there were a few in the audience who seemed bent on bashing Taylor through innuendos and suspect, but Taylor did a great job in refuting such assertions.

Politics, you gotta love it.

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