Austin Code Compliance Executes an Illegal Search Warrant – Part 1

Austin Code Compliance Executes an Illegal Search Warrant – Part 1

This video is shocking.

This is the video from one of four surveillance cameras, and is edited to follow the code investigators.

On April 13th, Austin Code Compliance executed a search warrant at a residential property in East Austin. The warrant was issued based on two suspected violations: that a tool shed was 6 inches too close to the neighbor’s fence, and that a detached structure might be too tall. Both violations were in the backyard. Both were in compliance based on communication with city zone reviewers.

Code Compliance was convinced these violations still existed, and to investigate for themselves sent two code compliance investigators wearing bullet proof vests, five police officers and a health inspector. The eight officials entered the house and began to search every inch of the property, including bedrooms, closets, refrigerators, trash cans, cabinets, water heater closet, and the entire backyard.

The warrant turned out to be expired, however police returned several hours after the search to drop off an updated warrant.

Nothing was seized, and the investigators refused to comment on their findings. The original violations were likely cleared by this inspection, however a City Attorney representing Code Compliance indicates that the investigators will be having a meeting with representatives from other administrative departments in an attempt to think up any new violations that could possibly exist on the property.

To review, Austin Code Compliance arrived at a residential property wearing defensive armor, escorted by a police backup, executed an expired warrant that covered areas not under investigation, and is now having brainstorming sessions with other departments in an attempt to invent new violations.

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  1. Rick Martinez

    Papers, papers, let me see your papers… How could these individuals who entered this American Citizen’s home still consider themselves AMERICANS?

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