Category: <span>Editorial</span>

Category: Editorial

Finding Comfort Amidst Chaos

The clock ran out after twenty years in Afghanistan. Ten years too late. Pushed out by, according to Obama, the “JV” Taliban. We’re told all US troops are out, according to CenCom General Frank McKenzie, who dared to brag about the Taliban’s help. Sadly, we don’t know how many Americans …


Liberty At The Brink

A recent Facebook post declared, “We need another Tea Party!” How about a Second American Revolution? Such a book was written by constitutional attorney, John Whitehead, in 1982, nine years after Roe v. Wade, “The Second American Revolution,” that argued without a dominant Christian culture, our system of government and …


Unheeded Warnings

We mortals are slow to learn. When the ship’s captain, Edward J. Smith, ordered the crew to direct passengers to flee to the lifeboats, that accommodated only about 1200, of the more than 2,200 passengers and crew, many passengers dismissed the voices of warning, choosing rather to remain in the …

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