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Category: <span>Editorial</span>

Category: Editorial

On Outliers and Liars

Many of us have been told at onetime or another, that we just didn’t fit in a group. It may have been in high school. Cliques. Jocks v. the nerds. Mean girls. Others discovered belatedly they didn’t fit into a specific culture. According to a CNBC 2019, article “Inside Facebook’s …


Corruption’s Grip

Turning the corner on the 2020 elections, most patriots understand a greater plague than COVID-19 is rampant among us. Activist, singer Bono said, “The biggest disease is corruption. The vaccine is transparency.” Corruption’s in every nook and cranny of our nation, with few exceptions. Hijacking of the presidential election is …


On Statesmen And Scoundrels

From our vantage point in 2021, it’s apparent the federal government is heading toward a precipice. Sadly, it obscures the profound wisdom of the fifty-five men who sat in the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. They understood that a new constitution had to be crafted to provide for a national government …


Getting Our Attention

Facing illness, pain, trials and tribulation visits all sooner or later. Sir Isaac Newton, considered the father of modern science, and a bulwark for Christ, said “Trials are medicine which our gracious and wise Physician prescribes because we are in need of them. Let us trust His skill and thank …

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