Category: <span>Legislation</span>

Category: Legislation

HB 111 is a BAD Bill

Proponents of HB 111 suggest that this bill will provide school safety and security, but in reality it is nothing more than another GUN CONTROL SCHEME. With this bill Wyoming citizens that already have a concealed carry permit would be required to get PERMISSION before they can carry their weapons …


HB 97 OR HB 168

HB-168 is the people’s choice to rid Wyoming of Common Core Standards and participation with federal intrusion of our state’s education. Read the full text of the bill here:


Beware Constitutional Convention HB-27

Beware Constitutional Convention, Part 1 of 3 Beware Constitutional Convention, Part 2 of 3 Beware Constitutional Convention, Part 3 of 3   Related links:  George Soros  Should We Be Worried   Representatives Tom Lubnau (H31, Campbell) and David Miller (H55, Fremont) are sponsoring HB0027, Article V constitutional convention. This is …

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