Diversion of That 10 cent Fuel Tax

Diversion of That 10 cent Fuel Tax

WY Legislative Transportation Committee is meeting September 8-9 in Riverton at the Central Wyoming College, ITECC, (Room 116) to discuss “diversion of road funds to other uses”.

Apparently the accountability for that 10 cents fuel tax ran out June 30, 2014! Who would’ve thought…

Here’s the Agenda: http://legisweb.state.wy.us/interimCommittee/2014/08AGD0908.pdf

Here’s the original HWY Funding/10 cent fuel tax bill (2013 HB0069): http://legisweb.state.wy.us/2013/Enroll/HB0069.pdf

If you cannot attend the meeting be sure to write or call the members of the Transportation Committee and give them your input: http://legisweb.state.wy.us/LegislatorSummary/CommitteeMembers.aspx?strCommitteeID=08



  1. Diane Foster

    I am a citizen of Wyoming and I live in Ft. Laramie and I see that there are no representatives from my area on your committee, so I am writing to all of you, as elected representatives of the citizens of Wyoming. I live on a fixed income and cannot afford to travel to Riverton for your two day meeting, so I would like to submit my written comments for your consideration. There are two issues on your agenda that I would like to address.

    1. REAL ID opt out options

    REAL ID is a severe invasion of privacy and a violation of the Wyoming and the U.S. Constitutions. The oath you took when you were sworn into office stated that you would uphold the Constitutions of the U.S. and of Wyoming and I implore you to take that oath seriously. I have had a Wyoming drivers license most of my life and the last time I went to renew it, I felt like I was in Gestapo Germany, yet you have chosen to issue Wyoming driver’s licenses to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, who are people who have blatantly broken our laws. I implore you to reset and stop issuing driver’s licenses to ILLEGAL Immigrants and to get REAL ID out of our State. You are our last line of defense against an over reaching tyrannical Federal Government and it is your duty to protect the citizens of your State, not sell us down the river like a bunch of sheep. You are not only selling out the citizens of Wyoming, but you are selling out the futures of our kids and grandkids, because this is just a symptom of a much darker picture for their futures. PLEASE get REAL ID out of the State of Wyoming and stand up for and protect the citizens of our Great State.

    2. 10 cent per gallon tax

    Since this issue was originally on your agenda as “Diversion of Road Funds”, then changed to “Use of Highway Funds”, I seriously question your veracity and true intent since the wording in the bill leaves an opening for the funds to be diverted. The wording in the bill “Until June 30, 2014” puts at ending to the time the funds are used only for maintenance of the state highway system. Five members of this committee voted to pass this bill as written and I have to wonder what their true intent for the funding was. Senator Von Flatern stated in an e-mail response to a citizen that you could “absolutely not” use the funding for other purposes, stating that you would have to change the constitution to use any of the fuel taxes for anything but road repairs, maintenance and improvements. That is absolutely a false statement due to the wording in the bill that he voted for. Road repairs, maintenance and improvements are one thing, beautification projects are a completely different animal. You need to distinguish between wants and needs. The way our economy is going, we need to do our best to meet bare necessities and put the wants on hold for better times. I don’t know what the intent was for those of you who voted to pass this bill, but it leaves open questions as to your motives. The citizens of Wyoming are feeling the money crunch every time we fuel our vehicles, every time we go to the grocery store, or purchase other goods. We are under a constant barrage of being nickel and dimed to death. It makes it very hard, especially on those of us trying to survive on fixed incomes. The economy in this country is quickly going down the tubes and our State Government would rather tax us that learn to live within their means like we have to in our households. I implore you to repeal this bill and tighten your belts at the State level and give us some relief in our pocketbooks. Citizens in this State feel that our backs are against the wall, and we will be watching closely how you operate and we will no longer stay silent and let the back room deals go unnoticed. You will be called out for your actions and your statements.

  2. Ted Marshall Sr.

    Copy of an e-mail I sent to both Sen. Von Flatern and Rep. Zwonitzer:
    I would like to know if you folks on the Committee, will be discussing the possibility of using the 10 cent per gallon gas tax for (other than) state highways?

    Their responses:
    Absolutely not! We would have to change the constitution (you would have to vote for it) to use any of the fuel taxes for anything but road repairs, maintenance and improvements.
    Thank you for asking the question.
    Michael Von Flatern

    The topic identified as “Diversion of Road Funds”, to be discussed at the Legislative Transportation meeting next week, was misleading. It has been renamed “Use of Highway Funds” and is to discuss WYDOT’s budget including the use of road funds for road safety features on the highways. Please note the 10 cent per gallon gas tax is specifically designated for road construction and maintenance and not for any other purpose.
    Rep. Dave Zwonitzer

  3. Charlotte Hetzler

    Funny how as soon as the primary is in the bag, Mead shows his true colors. He may get away with it this terms, but if he runs for re-election, he should be aware that people are keeping an account of his low ball tactics.
    The .10 fuel tax was RELUCTENTLY agreed to because it was earmarked for highways.
    What is Meade planning to use it for now, making improvements to his ranch?
    A totaly fed up tax payer.
    Charlotte Hetzler

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