Editorial 10-14-13

Editorial 10-14-13

Has anyone noticed that the legislators and governor who supported SF-104 claimed at the time that Cindy Hill was a bad egg because of dastardly deeds deserving of impeachment, but refused to do their duty and impeach her claiming it would expose “dirty laundry”, have once again seeking “more” investigations to gather evidence needed for Hill’s impeachment?

This begs the question, if Hill was deserving of an impeachment when the legislators and governor signed into law SF-104, they would have already had the evidence to do so. So why are these same politicians continuing to spend our money to find evidence? Evidence they should already have had in the beginning! As to the “dirty laundry” claim, one must ask, who’s dirty laundry, Hill’s or theirs?

This sort of reminds me of the old black and white cowboy movies where the towns people want to lynch the poor guy being held in jail by the sheriff, and the crowd all out for a hanging not knowing the facts of the case just because some loud mouths are claiming wrong doing. I wonder if the reader can relate to this when we have some loud mouths in our legislature and senate yelling foul and the others just voting along to get along. Do these representatives actually think that they were voted into office to get along? I wonder if it ever occurred to them they are to represent the people of Wyoming. If they claim that they did represent the people of Wyoming, then how can they justify stripping the people of Wyoming their ability to vote for a Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) with the authority to do the job. To take away the duties, responsibilities and authority from the SPI, is tantamount of eliminating the position. If these politicians claim otherwise, in my humble opinion, submit they are either lying or mind numbingly stupid! I wonder if these politicians ever compared their position to that of the SPI. For instance, what if these same politicians had their duties, responsibilities and authority stripped from them, would they think their position had any value? Do they think they could make a difference without having any authority to do anything? Would they think that it would be cool to get paid to do nothing? Would they actually think their position existed?

No matter how you slice it, the politicians who supported and voted for SF-104 were not representing you! The entire SPI diabolical is an obvious agenda to eventually eliminate the SPI position in its entirety in favor of an appointed Education Czar. The politicians who cannot see this should not be in a position of authority – period! These politicians lack the fundamental understanding of a Constitutional Republic, and as such, how do they see themselves in their elected position. The very essence of an elected position that the people vote for candidates of their choice is to do the job for which the candidate is elected. And to remove the duties, responsibilities and authority of the job, is in fact no longer the job for which the candidate was elected to. Thus, the peoples’ choice has been taken away and the elected position no longer exists.

Keep in mind that many of our legislators, including the governor, are attorneys. They of all people cannot honestly claim that SF-104 did not remove the job of the SPI and thus remove the peoples’ right to choose the person they wanted to do the job. The one thing that these politicians claimed that is true, they didn’t want to expose the dirty laundry in Cheyenne.

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