Encompassed by A Cloud of Isms

Encompassed by A Cloud of Isms

Mike Pyatt

There’s a gathering dust from all the Isms, that’s clouding our once bright view of individual Liberty. There’s a dark cloud on the horizon, increasing in speed and intensity, destined to overshadow the Founder’s Dream of Freedom and individual Liberty under God. Whether it’s Atheism, Communism, Cowardism, Elitism, Humanism, Marxism, Progressivism, Secularism, Socialism, or Theological Radicalism, that masquerades as representatives of Christ, in churches that deny or ignore the clear Biblical teaching of Christ, by His death, burial and resurrection, with dwindling congregations, and seminaries resembling cemeteries.

Adherents promote execrable lifestyles that are inimical to historic Christian orthodoxy. The only sins they claim are capitalism, sexism, racism, old white men, especially our Founders, while rabidly promoting the religion of “worshipping flora and fauna.” Where the Good News of the Gospel is reduced to deceptive radicalism, and bad news for the soul. A one way ticket to hell.

Isms have infiltrated nearly every facet of our being, from kindergarten to the-not-so hallowed halls of higher education, many public agencies, including healthcare, local, county, state and federal government. Doesn’t it feel like we are surrounded? Until recent years, the knee jerk reaction was to throw up one’s hands, and surrender. It’s no longer a viable option. One must be willing to act with purpose. Any loss of our liberties result in erosion of those permanent things, that leave us voiceless, frustrated, but ready to fight. Where does one begin? It’s a legitimate question that rests upon the anticipating lips of millions, who have recently awakened to the irrevocable fact of the physics of virtuous Liberty; it’s not self-perpetuating, It requires a force. And, we the people, are that force.

In 2021, we witnessed a major shift in the mood of those who understand that our Constitutional and individual Liberties are in jeopardy. In Wyoming, organic liberty-minded grass root groups continue to grow in multiple counties. Last night, Liberty minded GOP candidates removed four establishment GOP legislators, in last night’s 2022 midterms, in Natrona County, with control of the legislature at stake. Key races, like Secretary of State, boiled down to the establishment v. Grass root voters. Polls were bustling on August 16th with a record primary turnout in Natrona County.

Nationwide a handful of states are fighting with the threat and force of Nullification. Texas legislators and Governor are on record to ignore any OSHA mandates, joined by Florida’s Governor DeSantis. Sadly, the Cowboy State’s Governor Gordon, who was re-elected last night, jousts with vacuous verbs and adjectives, but was unwilling to call for a special session that would’ve protected healthcare workers statewide. In his usual slight-of-hand. He loves lawsuits that will languish in court for years. That’s Cowardism.

Progressivism focuses on “bogey man shadows” like “too many guns” or “dangerous Confederate Flag,” while ignoring the killing fields in Chicago. Liberty minded Patriots must be engaged. Let Progressives shadow box, and usher in their abbreviated reign of adumbrated sophistry and hypocrisy. Our call to defend Liberty isn’t obviated by radical ideologues. In Wyoming, Liberty is once again a formidable force who understand the battle’s never on one front, neither does it end.

Are there not substantial issues to engage? Despite overturning Roe, the unborn are still being slaughtered under the guise of “women’s health” in many states embroiled in another court battle. Too often we’re hamstrung by confronting global battles, that transcend our scope of influence, overlooking the painfully obvious, where one’s efforts may have significant sway. Rarely does one discover them gazing out the kitchen window. Bemoaning has limitations. Move beyond the shackles of banality. Discover your passion. Ask yourself, “What makes your heart beat faster?” And, “What makes your blood boil?” “What would you be willing to go to jail for?” Your fingerprints should be all over it. There’s risk in combating wrongdoing, opposing evil, and advancing righteousness and justice. It will cost something.

Lest one forgets, Liberty’s our hedge against government tyranny and oppression by the Isms. In a culture increasingly dominated by secularism, Liberty isn’t grasped by proclamation, but heroic exertion by a few brave souls. Equivocating on virtue and vice is a sure elixir for losing liberties and our character as a people. John Adams referred to “virtuous liberty” as the guard rail of our Republic. When any people get “too big for their spiritual breeches” Obadiah declares the consequences, “Behold, I will make you small among nations.”

One ominous threat to our liberty is that of Elitism. Their most troubling characteristic to the average Patriot is their insistence that our nation can’t do without them. An ineradicable sense of indispensability. Like the New York Times and Washington Post. MSNBC, CNN, and NBC, who for years have looked down their nose in scorn at anyone who dares to disagree with them. Most notably, President Trump. He wasn’t in the same league as they. And he knew it. Most troubling to them, was that he couldn’t care less what they thought.

Congresswomen Liz Cheney’s an elitist and warmonger, like her angry irrelevant dad. She was the darling of the Establishment, who hate Trump more than they love Liberty. Wyoming’s 2022 midterm, cameoed attorney Harriet Hageman, Trump’s choice, shellacking Cheney by a prodigious margin, casting legitimate doubt on Liz’s welt to run for the oval office in 2024. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, Cheney bowed out early, while clumsily claiming the mantle of Abraham Lincoln. What about Ford’s Theatre?

Socialism, Marxism and Elitism are readily embraced by the scholastic side of higher education. The question remains, “What’s behind those doors?” Many students return home from those Elitist bastions, morally, spiritually and financially bankrupt, handcuffed to student loans for decades. Is it worth it? Those luring halls of ivy, have gone from puritan Harvard to pagan Harvard, and formerly staunch Catholic Notre Dame University, turned modernist, covering up classical paintings of Christopher Columbus to avoid public embarrassment. Dartmouth was a frontier school in 1769, founded by a congregational minister to educate Native Americans. Those institutions turned Elitist, have two predictable casualties that eventuate in atrophy of individual liberty, and narrowing of the mind.

One needn’t be a wealthy “one percent” to be an inveterate Elitist snob. It’s a state of mind; one who deliberately ignore rules and principles; operating above the law; looking down one’s nose at others from a lofty, erudite balcony, appearing wholly indispensable. C.S. Lewis artfully described the reach and range of Elitism, in one of his classics, “The master demon Screwtape identifies elitist humanity’s tendency toward an ingrained habit of belittling anything that concerns the great mass of their fellow man.” While we conduct our lives and civil obligations, Isms never relent.

There are antidotes for the Isms. Heroism and Godly Patriotism. Our percipient Founders knew legislation wouldn’t alter this post mortem, or the natural impulses of the heart, only the inculcation of morality though Godliness. One’s inner yearning cannot be gratified by fatuous confidence in human nature, religious mumbo-jumbo, philosophical slight-of-hand, or advanced education. They’ve been tried and found wanting. Our phalanx must be righteous and ready. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s mikepyatt44@gmail.com

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