Friess vs Hageman: Revealing Exchange About LIBERTY

Friess vs Hageman: Revealing Exchange About LIBERTY

Friess vs Hageman: another revealing exchange about LIBERTY from the Evanston debate August 11

Foster doesn’t understand the Supreme Court ruling in Masterpiece. According to him, all has been “pretty well….resolved”, so why don’t we all get together to talk about this “non-issue” over another cup of coffee. But he’s wrong, it has not been resolved. These cases will keep coming. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission went after Jack Phillips again, just this week.

Harriet says we are ALL equal before the law, no matter our views on sexuality or religion, and no law should create special rights for any group.

Who do you want to be the next governor of Wyoming?

~ Dan Brophy

Question #20:
What is your opinion toward SOGI laws and what actions would you take to either support or oppose SOGI legislation?

Foster’s Answer:
Fortunately this has pretty well been resolved. As I understand the Supreme Court decided not to take the case on the photographer and the cake baker for gay weddings and the ruling was that freedom of religion still exists in America. And think if you were a Muslim print shop owner and someone comes in and says “I want you to print a derogatory image of Mohammad on your t-shirt” and the guy says “I don’t wanna do that cuz my religion.” In his case he probably would have been killed for doing so. So the last court ruling allowed the cake baker, the photographer, the doctor who doesn’t want to perform an abortion won’t lose his license, which they do in Norway by the way. And so that court decision is something we can just take and say “Okay this has been resolved.” The gay community was very happy with it because it also said you can’t deny them the opportunity to come in and buy a pair of shoes and it guaranteed their right to be treated in the commercial market except for these religious liberty issues. So I think that’s been pretty well put to bed. In Laramie they passed one of these laws that said you know you can be fined or something for discriminating, they haven’t had a complaint in 3 years in Laramie. So I think this is sort of a non-issue and we don’t need laws to create these special categories of people. There’s a lot of nice people that we’re all Americans so let’s leave this small of group as possible.

Harriet’s Answer:
Equal rights are enshrined in our Constitution but I do not believe in special rights. As I stated earlier I believe in the Republican Party platform and there are two provisions I think are important to read: All individuals are endowed by their creator from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death with the rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. The only purpose of Government is to protect these rights for all. And number 2: Every citizen is equal before, equally protected by and equally subject to the law. We don’t need SOGI laws. They’re going to be used for nefarious purposes and we don’t need to go down that road and we do not need SOGI legislation. Thank you.

This question is at 1:35:10 in the video here:

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