Which Bathroom Will the New Governor Use

Which Bathroom Will the New Governor Use

Every day, we receive a Foster Friess flier. Today, with endorsements from veterans, all no doubt warrior patriots and good men. Tomorrow, there will probably be another one in this flood of endorsements from national figures. But what do any of these people know about Wyoming?

It’s great that Foster knows lots of people outside our state.

Does any of this matter to us in Wyoming? No, it does not.

Read below to see what really matters.

Last Saturday, a debate took place in Evanston. A friend called me, in shock at what Foster said. Yesterday, I finally obtained the transcript, which you see below.

The question: as governor, what would you do when presented with a bill giving transgender men the LEGAL RIGHT to access women’s public restrooms (public restrooms include any bathroom, shower room, and locker room open to public use, including community facilities).

Foster’s response? In so many words, the ‘let’s all get along’ sermon (see his full answer below).

Harriet’ response: “I would veto it” (see her full answer below).

The question asks about a bill involving fundamental liberty!

Who is decisive? Harriet.

Who is indecisive? Foster.

Foster seems not to understand that when any bill reaches his desk, he must sign it or veto it. Talking about it is NOT a decision.

Harriet will protect your wives, daughters, granddaughters, nieces. Foster wants to talk about it all over coffee.

I’ve said it before: look at the candidates objectively. There is only one choice for governor: Harriet.

~ Dan Brophy

Question: If the state legislature passed a bill such as the 2015 Senate File SF115 which would have allowed transgender males in women’s public restrooms, would you as Governor sign the bill, veto the bill or allow it to become law without your signature?

Foster: “This is such a sad predicament. If you look at the transgender community, I don’t think I know a transgender person but I am told they have one of the highest suicide rates and I think they have a lot of re-conversion back to their original sex. So our heart has to go out to these people. But as far as pushing this agenda, it’s really a political agenda trying to get something different than why do they care what bathroom they go to. They can use the bathroom that’s available for male rather than having a women’s bathroom. But part of my life is trying to bring people together. A few years ago I started something: “Left-Right Left-Right Forward March – together we’ll get there” and it is intended to bring people together of opposing political views that they both embrace. Related to that I have on my website an interview with Donna Redwing who is a gay-lesbian leader in Iowa and with Bob Vander Plaats, Mr. Evangelical – he’s the one who appointed Huckabee, Santorum and Cruz. She invites him to go to breakfast for coffee and they had coffee and they became friends. And so as a result she tells her people “Don’t call these Christians bigots anymore.” And Bob Vander Plaats says when he’s preparing a sermon “How would Donna think about this?” If we want to spread the kindness that exists in Wyoming we have to have a certain degree of sensitivity that says “We are not gonna get people to change their positions”. She didn’t change her position on gay marriage and sexuality and neither does he but they learned to get along and I think that’s something all of us have to work on that we can love one another. It’s pretty nice”.

Harriet: “I would veto it. I’m a compassionate and sensitive person but men are men and women are women and as a women I do not want men in women’s single-sex bathrooms. Period.”

The link is here: https://svinews.com/video-wyoming-republican-candidates-for-governor-debate/  The question was asked at 1:17:13.

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