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Great Quote by Skousen

Great Quote by Skousen

“If the ‘Hounds of Hell’ are not barking at your works; you are not doing good – nor are you acting out the will of the Lord! If you seek to please your colleagues, your mentors and any other worldly source – while the ‘Hounds of Hell’ lie dormant before you – you can be assured that your works are of no consequence. Those who seek the praise of men, while avoiding any persecution or offense to the Devil, should know that they will not be receiving the approbation or commendation of [righteous men]. Nor will they ever receive any such honor from the Lord – for their passive worldy-compliant works! I pray that in my own life I may hear the howling often! That I may ‘let sleeping dogs lie still’; unless, of course, they are the ‘Hounds of Hell’! Then may I awaken them to a ferocious ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth’!”

~ W. Cleon Skousen
Author of: The 5000 Year Leap

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