Newsletter Jan 2020

Newsletter Jan 2020

It’s been a while since our last newsletter, and we admit we have been a little remiss in our writing. With that said, we hope to get more information to you regarding happenings around Wyoming, mostly regarding the political arena.

Wyoming’s budget session is soon to start (first Monday in February) and as you might have guessed, the legislators will be entertaining a lot of bills, and not surprisingly some that call for increasing our taxes in the state. Thus far, there are no bills calling for the reduction of government spending – perhaps you are shocked, but many are not. Every year brings many with their hands out asking for more of your money (taxes and fees), yet seldom do we ever see a real benefit.

You can find the list of current bills being considered at . You can find this link on our website also.

More Taxes on the Horizon

HOUSE BILL NO. HB0047 will make it easier for local cities to implement a tax by dropping the the threshold from 66.67% to 50% of voter approval, and extend the taxing period from two years to four. This will make it easier for the pro-tax people to grab your money and do so for a longer period of time. The reason for the two-thirds threshold is to make it difficult for politicians and special interest groups from taxing you, and you can easily see why they want to reduce the threshold.

HOUSE BILL NO. HB0063 is for increasing the gasoline tax by three cents per gallon. As if the ten-cent per gallon tax implemented during Matt Mead’s administration wasn’t enough, legislators will be entertaining this increase.

HOUSE BILL NO. HB0064 is a corporate income tax, which was introduced last year, but with a new title. Imposing an income tax on corporations under the guise of “recapture” is disingenuous at best. The proponents assert the money belongs to Wyoming – since when did government entities consider a company’s income belongs to them? Many of our legislators have been talking about an income tax in Wyoming, and what we do not need is to allow them to open that door. The idea of singling out one segment of our state will surely expand to others in the future.

Casper Happenings

Below is a letter from Casper woman who is very much concerned with the city council’s decision regarding implementing a LGBTQ Board having direct access to the council and mayor.

– – –
January 20, 2020

Dear Ministry Leader,
I have a burden to uphold the strength of our system of government and its protection of the church that currently exists.

This is my concern and I must reach out to you because of the importance of the matter. The former Casper City Council Mayor Charlie Powell proposed forming a new LGBTQ Board that would report directly to the Mayor and the Casper City Council concerning LGBTQ concerns. The formation of such a board could hinder speaking Scripture and walking through life’s challenges according to the Word of the Lord. I believe we cannot give comfort to what the Bible clearly tells us is not permitted in the Christian walk.

It was brought to my attention recently that the Staff of the City of Casper will present the formation of the LGBTQ Board to the Casper City Council members for their approval to move the formation of the LGBTQ Board forward on January 28, 2020 in their Casper City Council’s Work Session that meets generally at 4:30 PM in the Council Meeting Room at City Hall. Please consider adding the influence of your leadership to opposition to the formation of the LGBTQ Board.

I have included the Casper City Council members contact information and ask that the Casper City Council hear dialog concerning opposition to the formation of this group through email and phone calls. I also think that it is important to attend the Casper City Council Work Session on January 28, 2020 to allow your presence to speak to the Council although the public is not allowed to speak at the Work Session.

The article about the Casper City Council’s proposed formation of the group appeared in the Casper Star Tribune on November 29, 2019 Council to Create LGBTQ Board.
Please spread my concerns to those who are like minded so that the Casper City Council would hear the voice of those who minister daily.

My concern is that the voice of the Gospel not be hindered nor silenced. Certainly that is not our system of government. We must allow our voice to be respectfully heard now.

I would be pleased to hear your concern also.

Linda Bergeron

Charles Powell, Councilmember
Ward II Term Expires 1/5/21
Mailing Address: 200 N. David Street, 82601
Home Address: 2430 Allyson Place, 82604 (307) 577-6042

Shawn Johnson, Vice President to Council
Ward II Term expires 1/3/23
6956 Umpqua River Rd, 82604 (307) 337-5057 (307) 277-7377

Kenneth Bates, Councilmember
Ward II Term expires 1/5/21
Mailing Address: 200 N David, Casper WY, 82601
Home Address:  209 Indian Paintbrush, 82604 (307) 473-1247

Steve Cathey, Councilmember
Ward III Term Expires 1/5/21
2141 Cornwall, 82609 (307) 262-8237

Steve Freel, Mayor
Ward III Term expires 1/3/23
Mailing Address: 200 N David, Casper WY, 82601 ​(307) 259-1276

Bob Hopkins, Councilmember
Ward I Term expires 1/5/21
405 South Beech Street, 82601 (307) 472-1837

Mike Huber, Councilmember
Ward I Term expires 1/5/21
Mailing Address: 200 N. David Street, 82601 (307) 266-4188

Khrystyn Lutz, Vice Mayor
Ward I Term expires 1/3/23
Mailing Address: 200 N. David Street, 82601 (307) 359-3673

Ray Pacheco, Councilmember
Ward III Term expires 1/3/23
1221 Ivy Lane, 82609 (307) 258-1226
– – –
Editor’s note: this issue should be of concerned to any who live in Casper. One need only look at San Francisco and see how far it has become morally bankrupt. Make no mistake, it is more than just discrimination, it’s the gateway for more debauchery like what is seen in large cities where parades of scantly clothed march for all to see, where schools are teaching that there are more than two sexes and homosexuality is normal, natural, and healthy. From the Trib, “…’what if’ you get fired because of your gender or race. It should be the same for your sexual orientation and gender identity”, November 29, 2019. There you have it, “gender identity”. The next thing to expect are the insistence of using proper pronouns so as not to offend those who claim to be something they are not. And as the author points out, the LGBTQ Board has a voice at the council’s work session, but people at large do not. As the author suggests, call your council members and the mayor to express your concerns.

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