High Cost of Political Myopia

High Cost of Political Myopia

Mike Pyatt

Having recently experienced cataract removal, your’s truly understands poor vision. Left unattended, some optical maladies end in blindness. Worse are those, with eyes, who won’t see. That old bromide, “There are none so blind as those who will not see,” is an epigram traced back to English writer John Heywood, in 1546. Jesus, in Matthew 13:15, tells of a similar infirmity, due to a “heart condition.” Myopic-in the physical realm-is near sightedness-inability to see afar clearly. Politically-lacking foresight or intellectual insight. Our Founders could see it. Early church fathers could see it. Anyone who’ll honestly examine our history sees it too. Democrat marauders, with feigned concern about COVID-19 virus, that would disenfranchise millions of voters, began as early as 2018, to unravel voting rules and laws, as never before in our brief history. GOP leadership made cryptic remarks and hollow threats, stressed the ground-game, but became myopic, failing to see the big picture Their Democrat counterparts laid the groundwork for victory, at any cost, to oust President Trump. Underestimating their opposition’s will-to-win proved costly.

With the onset of January 20th, comes the inauguration of the 46th President. Yet over 80% of GOP supporters are convinced the election outcome was rigged. Some are predicting civil war, or the concomitant rise of a Patriot third party and GOP demise. Many are reeling from an unanticipated outcome, purloined by the Democrat voting machine-aided by Dominion voting systems, et al. My generation, prone to be lugubrious when examining any shifting cultural, moral and political landscape, understands the ominous consequences if drastic measures aren’t forthcoming to stem the tide. Younger voters, like Turning Point USA, many of whom were brought to the fold by President Trump, saw our predicament, after contemplating the erosion of individual liberty.

“A free people cannot survive under a Republican constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong,” Benjamin Franklin warned. Anyone with eyes to see, comprehend our current moral and political dilemma, hastened by a precipitous slide toward decadence, must reject the flagrant cry, “History runs in cycles…it will return.” One would be forced to ignore the plight of the Roman Empire, that discovered a human god, Caesar Augustus, “divinely appointed” was a poor foundation. Rome fell. Our Republic is obviously vulnerable to mischief. How did many conservatives and Trump voters fail to see this Democrat chicanery coming? President Trump intuitively warned of the Democrat’s stealthily hatched plan to steal the election, with the mainstream media’s blessing, dismissing his prediction as “a treasonous attempt to reverse a fair election.” Courts piled on, dismissing nearly fifty lawsuits brought by Trump’s legal team, claiming the suits had no merit or standing. SCOTUS’s vision was 20/20, according to the Left. However, the high court failed to see the threat to our constitutional elections are at stake. In a larger sense, our nation itself is at risk.

In the 2020 general elections, many GOP voters insisted on electing “statesman” who understand, like our Founders, that men corrupt institutions, not the reverse. Statesman are rare. In in 2016 and 2020, no one labeled President Trump a statesman. How did they see him? Not through rose colored glasses. Rather, as a raw, outspoken, bare knuckled street fighter, unpretentious doer, who keeps his promises, and talked like the average voter. His unswerving support from Evangelicals again this year were President Trump’s most ardent supporters for the defense of the unborn, upholding the Second Amendment, and ensuring religious liberty President, to occupy the White House since Roe v. Wade. Those riding the Trump Train, understand there are no angels running for office, as Madison observed, “If men were angels no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” (Federalist Papers No. 51, p. 322) It’s untenable to not fix our gaze on what has been unseen in this recent election.

No longer can we expend our energy and resources on shadows, chasing every social agenda we abhor, and elusive legal entanglements that has hamstrung our efforts for decades. That doesn’t abrogate one’s legitimate sphere of expertise and influence to specific causes that uphold permanent things. Too many rabbit-holes. One must know God’s call is certain and unambiguous. We must go to the heart of the battle to stem the tide of the erosion of our individual God given liberty, and the corollary benefits. In that pursuit we must enlist co-belligerents, a phalanx, whose vision may not be 20/20, but keen enough to see through Democrat slight-of-hand maneuvers, like Biden’s pugnacious call for unity, while he surreptitiously unravels our liberties. Democrats expanded state’s voting rights, ballot stuffing and mail-in strategies, masquerading as protecting voters from the ravages of COVID-19, paving the way for the 2020 presidential outcome that many never saw coming.

Though it may appear otherwise, like a mirage, our struggle isn’t against flesh and blood. It’s an eternal vigil. We must stay in the fight to defend our liberty that has been assailed by radical forces, committed to alter our country as we know it. Most Americans see through this Spendthrift, reckless House bill, a behemoth, nearly 5600 page “Covid-19 second stimulus” package as socialism. Another trillion dollar boondoggle. There’s more pork in this bill than an Iowa hog farm. Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, sees it. She voted it down. President Trump remarked, “It has almost nothing to do with Covid.” Being enslaved by strangling national debt is inimical to sound principles of liberty. Rand Paul sees it too. Both parties have “selective sight.”

Reinvigorating long held principles of liberty demand our acknowledgment that the Sovereignty of Almighty God is the basis for sound government. To those who recoil at this statement, secularist and progressives admit that whoever is sovereign in any realm, determines who governs. For decades it was palatable to their cause, until we insisted it be so in our institutions and individual liberty. Because it isn’t actually so, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be so, according to our Founding documents. True liberty acknowledges God’s right to reign over our Republic and the affairs of men.

If we’re to prevail over the dark forces that threaten our way of life, we must remain vigilant. Eyes wide open. Samuel Adams insisted it was wicked and unnatural to allow those great fruits of liberty to languish by apathy and neglect. We’ve been too easily beguiled and distracted by peripheral issues of less gravity. Our artifice must be wiser. Railroads and trains, in the mid 1980’s, are a classic study of “marketing myopia” by assuming they were in a growth industry, failing to recognize they were actually in the transportation business. Failure to adapt, according to professor Theodore Levitt. To avoid this malediction, we must fix our eyes upon He Who superintends our affairs. Evangelicals understand our reliance isn’t upon a political party. It may be a matter of what role politics play in God’s eschatological plan. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s roderickstj@yahoo.com

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