Legitimate Fear

Legitimate Fear

by Mike PyattMikePyatt

FDR, in his 1933, inaugural address, told Americans, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.” Not everyone has that steely resolve. The growing threat of Issis is ominous. Our Commander-in-Chief tells us “they are on the run.” Germany, Italy and victims of Orlando and San Bernardino, say otherwise. Surely he meant they’re running to kill us. There’s little solace in his hollow, vacuous assurances. Donald Trump’s acceptance speech in Cleveland was characterized by Democrats as “dark and fear mongering,” claiming he was pandering to our fears. Is there nothing to fear? Democrats-the party of Jackson-Andrew and Jesse. Still enslaving the downtrodden.

On a smaller scale, there are some things to fear. This past Friday a mountain lion was sighted lurking around the 17th hole of a Casper golf course. Those on the links were frightened. It’s rare as a 1943 bronze penny to see one in the daylight. It disappeared without incident. Some of us have phobias. Snakes, spiders, rodents, enclosed spaces-or worse, agoraphobia-subjugating one to a life of four wall entombment. Webster defined phobia as, “irrational, excessive and persistent fear of some particular thing or situation.” If fear reaches its apogee, it paralyzes one’s existence.

Legitimate fear may save our life. Wyomingites are familiar with scenes at Yellowstone Park, where the uninformed, or morbidly stupid, tourist, attempted to “pet a bison.” “Discretion,” we’re told, “is the better part of valor.” Avoiding a stray dog may prevent a painful series of rabies shots. How often are little children, yet fearful of anything, the victims of mauling by a dog “that never bit anyone?” Some fearlessly chase tornadoes or skydive. Few risk life and limb for an eight second ride.

Many accrue life experiences that prompt us to exercise judgment in such situations. Along the way, a modicum of fear has been our compass. Few have the DNA of daredevil Evil Knievel or high wire aerialist, Nik Wallenda. We’re reminded that a hero is one who in the face of fear, acts otherwise. It’s not the absence of fear that compels them. The mythical Greek legend, half-god, of great strength and courage, defied all odds. Reality is found in the thousands who’ve sacrificed in war to secure our liberty. And law enforcement who now walk into these “war zones” we call cities, subject to quotidian peril, out of duty, honor and bravery, with “targets on their back.” Fear’s often negated, or quelled by transformative resolve and determination. Most of us thank God for their resolve. Ingrates spew epithets and threaten the existence of those who protect their right to protest.

For those who attended this week-end’s debut of film maker Dinesh D’souza’s “Hillary’s America” discovered a legitimate basis for fear. He chronicles the systemic history of the Democratic party’s support for slavery, “Jim Crow” laws, the 1920’s resurgence of the KKK, creating the culture of violent eugenics, through abortion and forced sterilization, primarily on young black girls, perniciously orchestrated by Margaret Sanger. He exposed Hillary’s aberrant allegiance to petty larcenist, radical Saul Alinsky, and the corrupt Clinton Foundation. Progressives dismiss it as illusory. See it for yourself. The patriotic conclusion’s captivating.

D’souza paid a high price for his 2012, film expose “2016: Obama’s America.” Eight months, in a San Diego half-way house, five years probation, and $30,000 fine, for anonymously loaning money to another U.S. Senate candidate, a “straw donor,” and not reporting it. Some are convinced Obama targeted Dinesh, ensuring he “exacted a pound of flesh” for his “political impudence.” Crossing the “King” is fraught with danger.

Hillary remains unscathed from her trail of “violations” since her days as a lawyer in Arkansas, to the FBI fumble of her “email scandal.” Her ability to escape threatening situations make Houdini look like an amateur. If one takes any segment of D’souza’s movie with an ounce of gravity, fear for the future of America may not be wholly unreasonable. Imagine an America with Hillary at the helm, with effusive Spanish speaking, defender of the Trans Pacific Partnership, social activist, civil rights attorney, “Pro-life but” Catholic, VP nominee, Tim Kaine at her side. Has Kaine forgotten we speak English here? Why doesn’t he speak Vietnamese? Or German? Or Mandarin? Or Slavic? Why not a polyglot VP? Pandering 101. Both are committed to abolishing the Second Amendment, solidifying Planned Parenthood’s grip on government coffers, killing the unborn, and expanding a radical social agenda we can ill afford. The price of admission to this “horror movie” is far too high.

That VPs make a scant difference in a presidential race may be true. However, after watching Senator Kaine’s acceptance speech in Florida, the DNC’s version of Mr. Rogers, it should embolden GOP supporters that the Trump-Pence ticket has a fighting chance. Ted Cruz’s address at Cleveland signaled there’s still a chasm in the party. Many GOP faithful vow they’ll go to the polls, and vote for Trump, “holding their nose.” Others are rabidly behind him. Some are motivated by the “fear factor,” that Hillary’s too frightening to consider. A serial liar, who has duped generations. Joined at the hip to Bubba doesn’t improve the equation. The very thought of her “answering the phone at 3AM,” is chilling. She’d ask, “What difference at this point does it make?” The difference may be our liberty. Isn’t that a legitimate fear?

Liberty minded voters should recoil at the thought of this duplicitous duo of Hillary and Bill occupying the White House again. Hillary’s promise of “A very different vision” should frighten anyone. We know enough to spurn her treacherous, self-serving ways. No time for fear. Evangelicals take seriously 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of a sound mind.” Fear mustn’t abrogate duty. No poltroonery. Our entre nous-even secular left, like George Soros, need “Christian camouflage” for their policies to be palatable to Americans. Our nation may not have an inoperable tumor; but there’s an itch that hasn’t been scratched. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s roderickstj@yahoo.com

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