Letter re Senator Wasserburger

Letter re Senator Wasserburger

Dear Editor,

I am angered and saddened to hear that Senator Jeff Wasserburger was caught in daylight hours last Friday, stealing his opponent’s campaign sign and other candidate signs, from the yard of disabled U.S. veteran, Karl Milner. As the daughter of a disabled Vietnam Vet myself, I am moved to tears by Karl’s description of how he was trying to get his wheelchair out his front door to yell at Senator Wasserburger to leave his signs alone. According to Karl, Wasserburger saw him struggling at the door, and rather than speaking to Karl, Wasserburger jumped into his truck and nearly hit another car while speeding away from the scene on Hwy 59 in Gillette.

Karl is physically wounded and bound to a wheelchair for life because he was willing to risk his life for our freedoms– including our freedom of speech and your freedom of the press. It would appear Senator Wasserburger wants to stifle these freedoms. One might consider campaign sign thievery childish and petty– a boyhood prank; but Senator Wasserburger is NOT a 14 year old boy and taking away another person’s freedom of speech is NOT petty, especially when we’re talking about the free speech of a disabled U.S. veteran. When Senator Wasserburger stomped on Karl’s free speech, he stomped in the blood spilled by our veterans for our freedom. Indefensible behavior, and it’s beneath the office of a Wyoming senator! Our state deserves better!

April Poley
Republican Precinct Woman for 3-1
Gillette, Wyoming

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