Letter to the Editor April 22, 2020

Letter to the Editor April 22, 2020

Dear Editor,

Unsafe Structures and Equipment Ordinance, April 14, 2020 Casper City Council Work Session

Certainly, it is an essential time to pay strict attention to the work of your Casper City Council. Allow me to expand upon my nagging concerns.

During the Casper City Council’s work session April 14, 2020 Agenda item 4. Unsafe Structures and Equipment Ordinance caught my eye. I read through the proposed Ordinance to discover an infringement upon the property rights of Casper’s home owners. The ordinance gives access to the INTERIOR of our homes simply by a complaint by a “neighbor” OR as I discovered a “Meals on Wheels” delivery person I discovered as I read through the packet information. This brought to mind a comment from a Holocaust survivor who said that there were no fences keeping people from escaping ghetto conditions but simply neighbors reporting on neighbors.

The conversations during the Q&A of the Council’s work session confirmed that this will not be concerning housing that applies to Landlord alone but it will also apply to INDIVIDUAL home owners as well.

I was appalled. The America that I love protects the property rights of the individual land owner and the investment that they have made in their property.

I spoke to one Casper City Council member voicing my concern saying that I knew of an individual who had moved to Casper from back East who told my husband that the laws where he had moved from allowed interior home inspections and then taxed art on the walls of the home. The Council member replied that this is only the first phase.

The proposed Unsafe Structures and Equipment Ordinance that is moving forward through the Casper City Council’s process must be objected to by those who own homes and by those who value their property rights. Contact your Casper City Council member to object and tell your homeowner friends to do the same.

Remember Principle 14. Life and liberty are secure only so long as the right of property is secure. Noting from Skousen who wrote The 5000 Year Leap written as a simple aid to understanding the United States Constitution.

Please take the time to contact the Casper City Council. This is essential. We have no time to waste.

Linda Bergeron

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