Marijuana, the Four-Letter Word – Part 1

Marijuana, the Four-Letter Word – Part 1

Michelle Sabrosky

For conservatives “Marijuana” is a four-letter word, it is taboo, all things “marijuana” need to be banned, in the name of “small government” of course … Even when those things are not marijuana and/or they don’t contain THC.

Wait, what?

Conservatives, for the most part, run on a platform of morality, guns, and “small government” … There is just one problem, when it comes to small government, everything that most “conservatives” believe and stand by suddenly goes out the window when it comes to “Marijuana” and to an extent, ironically, the opioid crisis they claim needs to be stopped.

Michelle, why do you keep putting “marijuana” in quotes like that? Good question, I am glad you asked. Many of Wyoming’s “conservative” legislators vote on legislation without knowing the difference between marijuana and hemp, and CBD and THC.

I am not writing this article to go over the science of CBD and THC, the fact that CBD even with trace amounts of THC cannot get you high, and it would be easier to get drunk on cough syrup than to get high from CBD products, is irrelevant to the actual issue: Liberty.

These well-meaning legislators vote against CBD and hemp products being bought, sold, possessed, and consumed (in one way or another) in the Cowboy State, because they are convinced that “marijuana” is a gateway drug… Yet none of those legislators have run legislation to keep the State of Wyoming from profiting from having the state liquor warehouse.

These legislators have no problem with alcohol, the actual gateway drug (go ahead and ask 100 pot smokers what they did first, try alcohol or try pot) being bought, sold, possessed, and consumed in Wyoming, is that because the state has an actual vested interest ($$$$$$) in alcohol sales?

None of these legislators are calling for the prohibition of alcohol because it destroys lives, it destroys families. Nope. Not a peep. So are they hypocrites? 

These legislators supported and voted for a special task force to do a study of opioid addiction…

…But when it comes to products that people can use as an alternative to opioids, they vote NO. Because they think anything that has to do with “marijuana” is immoral. Again: Alcohol: Moral, ADD drugs (essentially prescription METH): Moral, Oxycodone (synthetic heroin): Is a problem, but doctors say it is safe, so moral-ish, Anything that looks like marijuana or comes from anything that looks like marijuana: EVIL, WICKED…

What if these legislators, when reading legislation on CBD oil, or just pot in general, replaced CBD, THC, Marijuana, Hemp, whatever the key word of that legislation is, with “Guns” or “Firearms”? Would they still support that legislation?

Can they defend the right to life and the right to protect and defend one’s life, while condemning and standing in the way of people’s right to put into their bodies what they want?

Whether it is good for them is irrelevant. Big government “conservatives”, it is NOT the proper role of government to protect me from myself.

If I get high and hurt someone or damage someone’s property, that is a crime, the same crime it would be if I were drunk, or even sober for that matter.

Let’s take a break for a moment and going back to the Declaration of Independence, and the words penned by Thomas Jefferson that “conservatives” love to quote.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…” (If you can’t figure out what “self-evident” means, stop reading, I can’t help you.)

“…endowed by their Creator with certain UNALIENABLE rights.”. Conservatives, these rights are non-negotiable. Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness (maybe a life free of pain without relying on narcotics for example).

God gave us free will, His law is set, the consequences of breaking those laws is set, but we still have the choice, we can do things God’s way, or pay the consequences.

If your child broke your household rule, does your mayor have the authority to come into your home and discipline your child for it? What if your mayor decided to come into your house and lay down some ground rules with a set of consequences for your children, based on the rules you already had set in place?

So, my answer, personally, for my family, is NO. If your answer was “yes”, quit reading, I can’t help you.

How can a government that has only been granted permission to protect our rights, come into God’s “house”, and start telling God’s children what they can and cannot do?

We have the right to free will, as a result, we don’t have the right to be free of the natural consequences of exercising that free will. We cannot walk up and harm someone because we feel like it, and not expect a consequence…

If nobody is harmed, no property is harmed, why should the government get to doll out consequences?

Why are “conservatives” voting on legislation that grows government and gives the government control over our lives that it doesn’t have a right to? One more thing, the government doesn’t have rights, the people have rights. So the government doesn’t have the right to anything. They have ONE JOB: To Protect Our Rights.

In my next article, I will address what liberty is and the CBD issue is a liberty issue, stay tuned.

by Michelle Sabrosky

~ Editor: Part 2



  1. Justin

    Love it, there are people in this state working very hard to get laws changed and people more informed! The biggest thing is to get people talking, there is no crime aginst changing laws, you don’t have to use weed to support reform, unfortunately people in Wyoming don’t see it that way, small town mentality if I support it then the cops will harass me and the wino soccer mom won’t talk to me. Time we stand up, let our voice be heard, educate and reform! Fight WYSCOP, let your voice be heard, come out of the shadows, it’s ok there more of us around the state we are comming together and it’s a beautiful thing!

  2. Thank you! The government and the local police lobby should not stand between me, my doctor, and my health choices. Article 1 Section 38 of the Wyoming Constitution guarantees my right to choose my own healthcare for myself. The lawmakers that have acted otherwise to punish us are in violation. Republican? That sounds more communist…

  3. Doc Schuldheisz

    (“I am not writing this article to go over the science of CBD and THC”) So what is your purpose? Alcohol and THC are apples and oranges, not fleas and lice. Legislators who equate a generic word, marijuana, to all things evil are either stupid or simply unwilling to review available botanical facts. No Federal laws will be violated by legalizing industrial hemp, along with benign CBD production and consumption. There is a liberty component, I agree, but the real problems in the legislature are rooted in a religious sect that embraces power over others.

  4. Brenda Morgan

    Great article! My family and I have been discussing this very topic. My nine year old has juvenile arthritis, hemp oil CBD is safer and better for her if she has a flare than the pharmaceutical drug we are currently trying to wean her off of. Now my kids are worried I could get in trouble for having CBD from hemp because of ignorance and who knows,possible monetary kickbacks to politicians from the pharmaceutical companies??

    1. David Anderson

      At one point my son came home and informed me that in the dare program he was taught that the herbs I use to cook with are actually drugs and I should be arrested if I kept cooking with oregano, sweet moraigam, basil and a whole host of others.

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