Special Session Update

Special Session Update

Greetings WY Patriots,

They say session will likely last through Wednesday of next week.

The House has it whittled down to two bills now, HB1001 and HB1002 (3rd Reading tomorrow on both).  The Senate has it whittled down to 1 – 3 bills, but it depends on how you’re counting: SF1003 and SF1019 are on 3rd Reading tomorrow; SF1009 is still sitting on General File and I don’t expect it will move from there, but I hope I’m wrong.

SF1019 is not why session was called and everyone knows that. That could/should mean most arguments are fair game now, right?  Therapeutic alternative remedies being accessible to all Wyoming citizens is a very good argument in my opinion.

But, just as they are whittling down bills, the RINOs and Dems are working on whittling down our rights as well.

And they are getting quite rude – today House Rep Harshman was caught dropping the F bomb today cussing about Rep Chuck Gray (watch/listen hereat time frame 1:24:24).  790 Wyomingites were watching the live stream when this happened.  Harshman needs to be called out on this big time.  Management Council needs to make Harshman publicly apologize – to Rep Chuck Gray and to all Wyomingites!

Don’t let that one go guys.

The Conservatives in the House are running circles around the RINOs!!  We need to do the same!

I can’t even imagine being one of our Conservative legislators right now!  We get to sleep in our own beds tonight, make coffee in our own kitchens, and watch all of this play out online in our pajamas if we want to.

I asked my House Rep today if emails are still flooding their boxes, and he said it has become noticeably less.  We need to put it back into 3rd gear – sending emails or using the Online Hotline.  The RINOs need to know we are watching every amendment and vote. We make them nervous and we need to continue to do so!  Make them feel your breath down their necks between now and next Wednesday!

Send our Conservative legislators quick thank you emails with encouragement – put ‘Thank You’ in the subject heading and they can chose to open it or not.  However, for as busy as they are, every single ‘Thank You’ I have sent has been opened and replied to. They need to feel the love!  Flood their email boxes patriots!  Below are some links to short video clips that show how hard they are working defending our rights and how proud we should be of them.

Please share any or all contents off this email!  Go viral!

Liberty is Non-Negotiable!


Freedom Fighter: WY House Representative John Bear

Freedom Fighter: WY House Representative Bill Fortner

Freedom Fighter: WY House Representative Chuck Gray

Freedom Fighter: WY House Representative Mark Jennings

Freedom Fighter: Wyoming House Representative Christopher Knapp

Freedom Fighter: WY House Representative Chip Neiman

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