Tag: <span>Fascism</span>

Tag: Fascism

Letter to Physicians: Have You Checked Your 1947 Nuremberg Code Today?

Copied; Source: Deep Capture by Patrick Byrne October 25, 2021 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Medical Profession: I’m old enough to remember when physicians were held in regard like deacons. Medicine was understood to be “not a profession but a calling” (as the cliché ran). It was not uncommon …



PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS, THE UNDERMINING OF FREE ENTERPRISE, EMERGENCE OF “SOFT FASCISM” Over the past decade, the expression public-private partnership has crept into our public lexicon. What is a public-private partnership? What purposes were they supposedly created to serve? What, on the other hand, is free enterprise? Are the two compatible?In …

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