Advocates of Gun Control

Advocates of gun control, Communists, Socialists, Liberals, Progressives, and democrats, all want the same thing; taking citizens’ ability to defend themselves from a tyrannical government. All of whom continually lie about their objective. And many of them are referred to by Communist as useful idiots.

Their arguments are totally illogical and irrational, but their arguments are not for consumption of the sane, rather for their voting base, the useful idiots. The Communists understand gun control all too well, and they do not care about you, your family or country, they only care about their desire to control the “masses”. Elected officials advocating gun control need to be removed from office, period. You will waste your time arguing with a Communist or their useful idiots. read more


HB-114 Dies

HB-114 started out as a good bill to eliminate gun free zones in Wyoming and thus making these zones safer and allowing people to defend themselves. But the bill was gutted by Senator Hank Coe. Coe made an amendment that made HB-114 an anti-gun bill. You can read more about the issue here:

And here:

HB-114 died on the senate floor today.

John Lott testified in Cheyenne on HB-114. He was interviewed by Craig Blumenshine about gun-free zones. The interview of Wyoming Public Television was broadcast on Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 8 PM. The interview can be seen here: read more


HB 111 is a BAD Bill

Proponents of HB 111 suggest that this bill will provide school safety and security, but in reality it is nothing more than another GUN CONTROL SCHEME.

With this bill Wyoming citizens that already have a concealed carry permit would be required to get PERMISSION before they can carry their weapons on school property. And with the many different school districts within the state it is very likely that we will have several different policies on who, when and where a person can carry. Furthermore, it contradicts the state’s preemption law. So with this bill, unelected bureaucrats will decide what is lawful. And make no mistake, Progressives will use this law as a precedent to impose further gun control measures in different settings, such as parks, public buildings, etc. read more

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