Gun Control SF-80

Gun Control SF-80

Here we go again, more gun control attempts by two democrats and a RINO who’s voting record has been more associated with the Left. Senate File 80, sponsored by Sen. Chris Rothfuss (D-Albany County) and Reps. Cathy Connolly (D-Albany County) and Dan Furphy (R-Albany County) will force a 3-day waiting period for a gun purchase.

The Left continues to strip your Constitutional Rights by asserting their bill is reasonable and benign. But Wyomingites should realize this is the same bull manure argued and passed in places like California, New York and Chicago. They pass a bill claiming “reason-ability” and when that doesn’t work, they expand on it for even more restrictions. This is the playbook used by the Left, which in every case has failed to achieve what they have claimed, but it does further their real objective of taking law abiding citizens’ right to bear arms away.

Bill detail:

Be sure to contact your legislators and demand SF-80 be killed ASAP. You can use this link to send them an email:

Attention Albany county: Representative Dan Furphy (R-Albany County) is a RINO ! His voting record is more inline with Liberal democrats than republican. Isn’t it time to replace him?


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  1. Ed

    This is the mail I sent.

    Dear Representatives and Senators, I notice that 2 anti-gun bills have been introduced in a budget session. Both co-sponsored by RINOS. Sen. Von Flatern is on board to fix NCIS which will encourage people that need help to not seek it and Rep. Furphy likes a 3 day waiting period for handgun sales so women being threatened by abusers can’t defend themselves. Since this is a budget session, I suspect this is virtue signaling with the hope that Bloomberg will enhance their re-election coffers, it still sickens me to see this stupidity being backed by Republicans. With gun manufacturers relocating here because of our gun friendly atmosphere, these bills will give any potential new gun businesses pause before moving. Since repeal of victim disarmament zones has been stopped for 3 sessions, it seems odd that anti-gun bills would come up in a budget session. Since Mr. Furphy is my Representative, I will make sure that all of the Albany county gun owners are aware of his actions. Please stop these bills. This is Wyoming, not Colorado. Thank you for your time.

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