Hide Your Wallets

by Ed Cassidy

I sent this to all of them. Opposite ends of the same predatory bird. Ed

Dear Representatives and Senators, after reading this op-ed I pondered how once again the Wyoming Legislature can try to inflict the costs of their fiscal irresponsibility on the taxpayers. Of course, that’s rhetorical as I am fully aware of how politicians of all stripes are quite willing to spend other peoples money to keep them in office. I hope there are enough decent people in the legislature to put a stop to this madness. Do as the rest of us who don’t have the power to legally steal from others do. When your expenses exceed your income you cut your expenses. The disdain the legislature has for us is palpable from keeping us disarmed in your presence with so called gun fee zones, to making finding your emails as cumersome as possible, to exempting lawyers from your service tax scheme. Seriously? You are becoming Washington D.C. writ small. Every year I dread the start of the legislative session knowing some new madness awaits. I have no hope that you will pay any attention to emails or letters and a friend once said that no one goes into politics to leave other people alone, but I ask you politely, how about for once, leaving us alone? Ed Cassidy Laramie read more

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