Tag: <span>Maury Jones</span>

Tag: Maury Jones

Cowboy Common Sense Last Article With JHNG

by Maury Jones Final column in the weekly Jackson Hole News and Guide, published Sept 21, 2016, entitled, “Common Sense rides away into the sunset”   http://www.jhnewsandguide.com/opinion/columnists/cowboy_common_sense/common-sense-rides-away-into-the-sunset/article_cae7afe6-78b0-5b75-8ebc-e8a0ff539993.html This is my final column. The newspaper Editorial Board has decided to go a different direction with page A7 therefore opinion columns have been …


A Wolf is a Wolf is a Wolf

by Maury Jones Thank you for comments on my last column regarding the wolf, which I compared to a disease infecting the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. It hit a nerve. Expressing an alternate point of view in an opinion column should set the stage for thoughtful public discussion and debate. Since …

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