Troubling Soliloquy

Troubling Soliloquy

by Mike Pyatt

Mike Pyatt

In quieter moments, when no one else’s around, one’s confronted with the reality that we’re troubled, at risk, by external and internal threats-those that routinely haunt one’s reverie. In the midst of constant murmur, that drones a disturbing message; our quotidian routine is insufficient to quell this troubling monologue as the contour of one’s existence changes constantly. We dwellers in remote geographic places like Wyoming, realize there exists a false sense of security in our vast expanse; a quixotic knee-jerk response that all is well. One learns that government-at any level-cannot safeguard us. That’s our domain. Another compelling reason the Second Amendment is so dear to Wyoming residents. Institutions nationally and worldwide, are vulnerable to mischief and maniacal mayhem. Schools react perilously with more “gun free zones.” Airports and public venues have become soft targets for radical terrorists intent on massacring as many as possible. There’s no sign of retreat.

While this grave Jihadist threat cast its ominous shadow over Europe, our 44th president was singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” with Communist President Raul Castro and Derek Jeter, in Havana, as the Brussels airport burned? President Trump has engaged in keeping America strong and safe, despite the Left’s attempt to keep porous borders, and stifle any policy restriction on immigration. In the face of evil, Obama characterized terrorism as the “background music” of our time. Contrastingly, the tough talk of our 45th President has temporarily halted the bellicose rhetoric from NOKO, countering the fecklessness of three prior administrations, who exchanged billions of dollars for “smoke n mirrors.” Trump issued NATO members “past due notices” for not investing in their own security. KGB alumnus, Vladimir Putin, and President Trump squared off in Helsinki. Senator John McCain was resuscitated just long enough to vilify the President’s comportment. Senator Rand Paul said otherwise. Hillary’s 2009, Russian “reset button” was promptly returned to Staples, for reported malfunctions.

In the face of expanding secularism our compass turns inward-the inevitable response to troubling times, with insufficient answers to daunting moral problems. With unabated talk of economic prosperity, we’re still plagued with the reality of a nation polarized morally, politically, and spiritually. We’re hamstrung by these weighty divisions when confronting evil on multiple fronts. Disappointingly, recent generations of youth, who’ve swallowed a root of bitterness, are faced with a slippery slope of despair-a hollow legacy for this world of unparalleled challenges-that’ll demand they understand guiding principles they never knew. Blaise Pascal, 17th century, mathematician, physicist, inventor, and Christian philosopher, best described the vacuousness of religious mumbo-jumbo, “Knowledge of God without without man’s wretchedness leads to pride. Knowledge of man’s wretchedness without knowledge of God leads to despair. Knowledge of Jesus Christ is the middle course, because by it we discover God and our wretched state.” Our only safeguard for vexed souls.

It’s no coincidence that recent attacks were on Paris and Brussels-two of the more secular cities in Europe. The seat of the Reformation is now Biblically bankrupt too. Great Britain and the U.S. lag not far behind. No country’s immune from moral decline. The absence of a “biblical hedge” renders any nation more vulnerable. Proverbs warns, “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people.” President Trump, despite his detractors, intuitively understands that principle. Evangelicals applaud his unflinching defense of the unborn, liberty, and resolve as a strong Commander-in-Chief, yet resisting Neo-Cons’ push for further entanglement in international conflicts. He pardoned the Hammonds.

America isn’t exempt from upheaval, judgment and war. That we’ve drifted from God’s standards, bolstered by our Founders, to godlessness is difficult to refute. Not possible? Any nation who pays lip service to a Holy God, yet behaving otherwise, is ripe for a slide to an abyss. Hostility to Biblical absolutes have grave and predictable consequences, undercutting any claim of moral authority, that’s counter intuitive to secularists, when opposing theological doctrines like sin and eternal judgment. The Scriptures, taken seriously, contain sufficient warnings that should compel any sane person to mutter to one’s self. Unsurprisingly, elite secular globalists, insist there must be a more “rational approach” to solving world problems, without wading into a “theological quagmire.” ”Honestly!” That same historical, dismal trail of endless ne’er-do well accords, agreements, appeasements, blunders and treaties?

Islamic terrorism has been dolorously misdiagnosed. Former Obama State Department senior advisor, Marie Harf, said in 2010, with a straight face, “They need jobs!” There’s no consensus why the radical Islamic terrorist have unleashed their escalated assault on “infidels.” Some claim it’s an immigration failure. Paleoconservative, Patrick J. Buchanan charged, “It’s the overt foreign occupation of their land, since the 1990, Neo-imperialism, Desert Storm campaign supported by Arab and NATO nations.” Some contend it’s the global Jihad message of the Koran that compels them to impose their 7th century theocracy worldwide. Terrestrial life’s absolutely meaningless to the Jihadists. The West missed the opportunity to convert Muslims through the Gospel in their own land. Most evangelicals are convinced the Jihadi wave is inevitable. One must focus on “peaceful Muslims” within our reach, while targeted nations formulate military and political strategies to halt the worldwide march of radical Jihadists.

Anglican Harry Blamire wrote in 1981, “Idolatries take a basically healthy human interest and activities, and debase them to perversion and excess.” A timeless warning that evil wears many faces. Some are beguiled by Joel Osteen’s soft soap version of Christianity, promising “you’ll always get an ‘A’ from God.” Whatever that means. The irrevocable consequence of latitudinarianism. One must be deliberate in one’s calling. Some speculate these geo-political clashes, from Ukraine to Palestine, will usher in WWIII, or Armageddon. What triggers you to talk to yourself and keep you awake at night? Job’s timeless soliloquy is recorded for posterity and our edification. In those quiet moments of reflection, where does one turn for enduring peace? What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s

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