Unheeded Warnings

Unheeded Warnings

Mike Pyatt

We mortals are slow to learn. When the ship’s captain, Edward J. Smith, ordered the crew to direct passengers to flee to the lifeboats, that accommodated only about 1200, of the more than 2,200 passengers and crew, many passengers dismissed the voices of warning, choosing rather to remain in the “safety” of their opulent quarters, convinced the massive vessel was “unsinkable.” That fatal night, April 14, 1912, lives in infamy. Today much of our earthly existence is spent listening to the voices from others. Friends, parents, family and the not-so-conspicuous wicked. It manifests itself in overt and covert forms. From advice and solitudes; to not-so-subtle arm twisting; abject coercion; and unalterable commandments from lawmakers.

A cacophony of voices bombard our auditory senses on an endless stream of topics. Are they voices of liberty, who’ll staunchly defend our constitutional rights, claims of sagacity, with virtuous intentions? Or more soaring rhetoric crafted to tickle our ears and political fancy? One must know how to divine such mixed signals. Our life and Republic rely on it. Sadly, President Eisenhower’s ominous Farewell address in 1961, warning of the potential destructive influence of the “military industrial complex” and dangers of massive spending, technology elites, and unfettered federal agencies have been roundly ignored.

Let’s be accurate. Liberty is not self-perpetuating. It requires momentum-a force behind it. Unlike God’s Word, it requires energy to advance. Waiting on someone else to hasten the torch is a certain formula for the erosion of liberty. It’s live streaming in your neighborhood, town or state. Another quote from our Founders appear to be insufficient to awaken some. Even though their voices resonate in our ears, warning that the loss of virtue, will inflict a corresponding loss of this Republic. They understood our plight. Do we? Are we genuinely convinced our Republic is at risk?

Eric Metaxas, in his 2016 book, “If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty,” reminds us that we’d have to visit 1787, to rediscover what virtues forged this Republic. One can only do so by examining remarks like John Adams’, “The only foundation of a free Constitution is pure virtue.” Doing so, we get a peek behind their thoughts and comportment. It’s clear, there’s an inextricable link between liberty and Christian virtue; our Guardrail for this Republic. Secularist voices insist there’s no such relationship. The Council For Secular Humanism voices claim our Republic doesn’t rely upon God-based precepts, but on “critical intelligence.” They, unsurprisingly, are generally skeptical of supernatural claims and are intolerant of sectarian creeds, insisting we are obscurants and irrational. They boast of their National Day of Reason. Our’s is a National Day of Prayer. An irreconcilable clash of world-views.

With a growing sentiment for socialism and Communist sympathy in numerous circles in our nation, it’s imperative we combat such disquieting voices with the truth of individual liberty, under God, and a willingness to, when it appears more likely, engage in warfare with an unrelenting assault on our Constitutional guarantees. To our detriment, we dismissed the McCarthy era, and J. Edgar Hoover, though a deep state guy, both were right about the threat of Communism. The current rogue, occupying the White House, Joe Biden lied again claiming that from day one, the Second Amendment had restrictions. Similar voices from the not-so-hallowed halls of academia elites, and adversaries of permanent things, who’ve assiduously commandeered a host of core social issues, exchanging historic absolutes, for unfettered impulses of the heart, ushering in self-imposed, ineluctable, terrestrial hell on earth; with no regard for our God given liberty that paved the way for our Founders’ genius of ideas.

Has the unrelenting din of opposing mortal voices drowned out the voice of freedom and liberty? It’s a familiar scene to watch BLM anarchist in the streets torching public and private dwellings with impunity, after the neutering of law enforcement that created a third world public square reminiscent of the Bolsheviks. Our Founders understood that freedom and individual liberty, like a delicate blossom nurtured by blood, sweat and tears, doesn’t guarantee its perpetual bloom. Which voices will prevail down the corridor of time? We’ll need a new generation of followers of Christ and Patriots, with a bareknuckle approach to taking back our nation. One skirmish at a time. Apathy, passivity and weakness has ushered in this unrecognizable America that our Founders warned against.

To uphold and advance the ancient principles of liberty, the next battle for Patriots won’t be on some obscure beach in Europe or jungles of Asia. It will be in our backyard, home town, or state, when one understands the treacherous intent of federal bureaucracy and renegade agencies. We do have the Oracles of God and the Chronicles of Patriots as our Banner. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,” say the Scriptures. Who can we count upon when peaceful alternatives no longer prevail? The ultimate outcome is God’s. The fight is ours; a heritage to generations we’ll not see. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s mikepyatt44@gmail.com

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