Who does Pat Sweeney represent?

Who does Pat Sweeney represent?

Well that’s a good question. A constituent of Sweeney called him today asking about the Biden administration’s unconstitutional overreach of mandating forced vaccination of workers. And would he be in favor of a special session of the legislature to enact legislation protecting all Wyomingites. Sweeney right at the start of the call was “rude and obnoxious”. Sweeney’s answer is beyond belief! He told his constituent to, “talk to Chuck Gray,” and that he’s, “more to your way of thinking”. Sweeney was reminded that Chuck was not his representative, and is why he is calling him. It seems that Sweeney doesn’t care for those he supposed to represent.

This begs the question, who does Pat Sweeney represent? It’s very clear he doesn’t represent the good of Wyoming. This can be seen with his voting record. Sweeney scores 20% one the 2021 conservative voting index – in other words, he votes more democrat than a democrat; he does not, nor has he ever, voted as a conservative! The folks in House District 58 need to wake up and pay attention. Sweeney is known as a RINO – Republican In Name Only. If you care about Wyoming and the rights we enjoy, you really need to replace Sweeney.



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