Will Liberty’s Voice Prevail?

Will Liberty’s Voice Prevail?

Mike Pyatt

One can detect numerous fault lines in our nation’s bedrock core disciplines; educational, legal, medical, political, moral, economic and technological. This imported pandemic from Wuhan, exposed multiple chinks in our national armor. Once President Trump left office, the strongest economy in recent history, raised the boats of nearly every segment of citizens in America, plummeted during the liberty-busting COVID, further exacerbated the moment President Biden breeched the threshold of the Oval Office. Biden’s first one-hundred days will be a death a knell for liberty, the rule of law, and permanent things, despite counter claims by the Progressive Left.

Killing the Keystone Pipeline is a blow to the unprecedented economic prosperity under a President, who had created jobs and made payrolls as a businessman. Biden’s pick for commerce secretary, Gina Raimondo, her state of Rhode Island ranked dead last in attracting commerce. Wyoming could loose billions under Biden’s direct assault on our energy dependent economy. ICE has been shackled, ordering agents to stand down. No more deportments of criminals, placing felons ahead of the safety of American citizens. Criminals will once again terrorize American streets, after reinstating the failed “catch and release” from the Obama era. New York City has neutered their law enforcement.

It’s not exaggeration to characterize it as a blitzkrieg against the lives of the unborn and newly born. The blame falls directly at the feet of President Biden’s reversal of life saving policies, while he places the U.S. back on UN Human Rights Council that calls abortion a “human right.” According to LifeNews.com, this infanticide culture of death emboldened the retiring President of NARAL, Ilyse Houge, to boast about killing her baby in an abortion. We’ve descended into barbaric paganism, while The New York Times, wading into a theological quagmire, named Joe Biden the “most religious president in history.”

Shuttered school districts across the nation wreaked emotional, mental and educational havoc, felt by a nation torn asunder with fear, doubt and loss of hope. With many students dependent on breakfast, lunch and snacks delivered daily to school kids at home, during the pandemic, suggest dramatic increases in dependence on the government dole to many households. This condition is exacerbated by recent teachers unions in major urban cities failing to show up to teach, claiming a “safety concern” for the heath of teachers and students, when overwhelming data suggests that students are much safer in school. It’s a raw power grab for the unions. Teacher unions and Progressives dance to the old DC two step-divide and conquer.

After four years of stiff arming by President Trump, that once dominate “military industrial complex,” is ushered in by the 46th President and Obama acolytes. It’s clear to most liberty minded patriots that Biden’s merely the frontman of this leviathan that President Eisenhower forewarned in his televised farewell speech on January 17, 1961, of domination of “scientific-technological elite.” Today nearly half of the world’s population’s online somewhere. This meteoric growth of social media platform behemoths like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram, should frighten everyone with its world-wide domination of news content. Before “OMG” and “LOL” the first electronic message from Baltimore to D.C., in 1844, demonstrated Samuel Morse understood the ramifications of his scientific achievement. His message, “What hath God wrought?”

In four years President Trump brokered four major Middle East deals to stabilize that formerly boiling caldron. At his Senate confirmation hearing, Biden’s choice for secretary of state, Antony Blinken, signaled that countering Iran would be central to Biden’s Middle East agenda. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns of the danger of restoring ties with the Palestinians, severed by Trump. He reacted to Biden’s declaration that “America is back” by asking if the commander-in-chief meant “back to when ISIS controlled a caliphate in Syria that was the size of Britain?” How soon will the U.S cozy up to Iran again, sowing seeds of discord against Israel? Prime Minister Netanyahu should be apprehensive about working with President Biden, after fours years of stability under President Trump.

Wyoming has its our own challenges to liberty with our sole U.S. House Representative Liz Cheney. Liberty’s still a big deal in Wyoming. Most liberty minded citizens here considered her vote for impeachment of President Donald J. Trump was a betrayal of Wyoming voters, who overwhelmingly supported him over Joe Biden. Cheney has remained adamantly defiant for the call for her resignation. She has, it appears, dug in her “cowgirl boots.” Her wobbly excuse is that she was defending our constitution by voting with the Democrats to oust our sitting President. What about his constitutional right to due process? Or free speech? Did she only audit Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago?

To further provoke our wrath and resolve, following a recent interview with Chris Wallace, Cheney insists that she doesn’t want Trump anywhere near the GOP. To that we’ll respond by attempting to remove her in 2022. Not surprisingly, the Wyoming Frontier Republicans, Wyoming Gas Association, Governor Gordon, and both US Senators stand firmly behind her to guard their interest. Many deduce, since she detests Donald Trump, liberty minded folks take umbrage. Her message translates, “She must also have disdain for us, since we are solidly behind Trump.” Most patriots favor his brand of liberty to her run-of-the-mill GOP elitist trademark.

We’re realist in the Cowboy state. It’s an uphill battle to dethrone Liz Cheney. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. She has deep pockets and a formidable war chest. At least we could compel her to spend some of her cash by facing a formidable opponent. Let her remain haughty, proudful, and over-confident. It renders her more vulnerable. Remember that old bromide, “Pride comes before the fall.”

Not everyone has forgotten this recent political lesson from 2014. In Virginia’s U.S. 7th district race, upstart economics professor and political novice, Dave Brat, shocked D.C. by slaying House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Brat reminded supporters, “Dollars don’t vote-you do.” He won handily. The victor spent $200,000. Cantor over $5 million. A modern day David v. Goliath. “Yes Virginia, David slew Goliath.” We’ll continue to seek God’s wisdom, raising our voice of liberty in the public domain to advance the cause of freedom unapologetically. We’re encouraged by 2 Corinthians 3:17, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” That’s where we plan to be. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s roderickstj@yahoo.com

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