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The Cost of the Good ol’ Boys to Wyoming Taxpayers

Regarding those legislators and the governor who stripped Wyomingites’ rights, SF-104;

“Of the 15 people providing negative statements about Hill, 11 received salary increases or promotions immediately after the report was released. That’s right, stepping up for the good ol’ boys is a wise financial investment.”

“After unprecedented improved standardized test scores in Hill’s first two years, she was removed, and in the third year, scores plummeted across the state and the composite ACT was the lowest in Wyoming history. All this occurred after SF104 was put in place and after the governor quietly signed Wyoming up for Common Core Standards and increased federalization of your child’s education.” read more


Is it for the Children or for the Money?

Well, well, well… is Common Core Standards really about the children, or is it all about the money?

“So, who exactly is pushing Common Core in the state of Tennessee? Perhaps one of the largest groups lobbying for Common Core in the state is the Ayers Foundation. Jim and Janet Ayers, founders of the organization, are extremely active in Tennessee politics.” …

Read the full article here.    ~


Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013

“… Sen. John McCain, however, who seems to feel it’s the duty of the federal government to ensure your local cable and satellite providers don’t bundle channels you watch with channels you avoid. On May 9, Sen. McCain introduced the ‘Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013’ (S.912), which would require multichannel video programming distributors to offer individual television channels on an ‘a la carte’ basis.”

~ Wyoming Liberty Group     Read the full article here. read more

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