Year: <span>2014</span>

Year: 2014

Natrona County Militarization

Material acquired by Natrona County State     County                 Item Name                         Quantity              UI           Value                    Ship Date WY         NATRONA           ASSAULT PACK                        25                           Each       $90.28                   8/20/2012 WY         NATRONA           BINOCULAR                             3                              Each       $278.05                 6/21/2010 WY         NATRONA           CONVERSION KIT,                12                             Each       $60.00                   2/1/2011 .                                              5.56 MILLIMETER RIFLE WY         NATRONA           HOLSTER,PISTOL              …


Tax and More Tax

As if the state taxing us more for our gasoline, Natrona County wants to continue their pork barrel projects by continuing the 1% Sales Tax. And these politicians will claim all of your hard earned tax money goes for great causes. Really? The simple truth is by adding the 1% …

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