Month: <span>October 2016</span>

Month: October 2016

WikiLeaks Summary of Clinton Corruption

WikiLeaks has provided a treasure trove of inside information on what Hillary Clinton really thinks about important issues such as trade and immigration, but Clinton herself has chosen not to answer questions about the revelations. She has focused instead on criticizing the Russians as the source of the hacks, despite …


Farewell To That Kid From Fargo

by Mike Pyatt The roar of the small Beechcraft Bonanza’s engine pierced the silence of the cold, early morning, struggling to break the bonds of gravity. It wasn’t airborne for more than thirty seconds before it plunged rapidly, crashing to terra firma, killing all aboard, near Clear Lake, Iowa., February …


Comforting And Afflicting

by Mike Pyatt The 2016, GOP and Democratic hopefuls have beset us with both. Many of us are capable of doing one or the other-few can do both. Some admit willingly “comforting others” is not their gift. Most of us are far better at objurgating. Words may serve as a …


Fifteen Years Into the Afghan War, Do Americans Know the Truth?

Written by Ron Paul Last week marked the fifteenth anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan, the longest war in US history. There weren’t any victory parades or photo-ops with Afghanistan’s post-liberation leaders. That is because the war is ongoing. In fact, 15 years after launching a war against Afghanistan’s …

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